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Chris Mc Candless Of Into The Wild And Aron Ralston Of Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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People make bad choices in life every day, some may be recovered from whereas others have fatal consequences. A reporter named Jon Krakauer wrote a biography called Into The Wild which is about a young man named Chris McCandless who makes a fatal decision which lead to his demise in Alaska. Aron Ralton's book called Between a Rock and a Hard Place is about his near death experience from making a bad choice. His perseverance and problem solving skills become his salvation in the hot and dry terrain of Utah. Chris and Aron were both eager for adventure and both had a love for nature and the outdoors. Chris died because he lacked Aron's prior knowledge of survival ...view middle of the document...

On a family camping trip when he was thirteen Ralston traveled to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. This is the place he discovered his love of the outdoors and encountered peaks that he ultimately wanted to climb. Which lead to him find his love for rock climbing. Ralston had prior experience with the hot and rugged terrain of Utah and knew what to expect. Even though he could not foresee his arm being caught in a crevice under a boulder he still made the right choices to stay alive and came out missing only one limb. McCandless had very little experience with backpacking out in the wilderness of Alaska. If McCandless had brought a topographic map he would have figured out that only " half a mile downstream, in the throat of the canyon is a gauging station that was built by the U.S Geological Survey...[that] can't be seen from where the Stempede Trail comes down to the river". (Krakauer 173) Krakauer had such a map and was able to cross the river with his companions even though the river was under the same conditions of treacherous waters that McCandless encountered according to his journal. If McCandless had known he could have easily gotten to safety before his food supply ran out.
Obvious similarities between McCandless and Ralston are that they both love nature and the outdoors and were very smart men. Both graduated from prestigious Universities, Ralston with Mechanical Engineering and McCandless with a degree in Political Science and also wrote programs for his parents' business. Obviously McCandless and Ralston are both very smart gentlemen. Both of them were risk takers and liked physical challenges which pushed them to extreme limits.
Some of the differences of Ralston, the older of the two, is that he has more life experience then McCandless did. Aron wrote "I wanted to taste that joy, to experience that passion for adventure... This meant I needed to get educated on outdoor living; I needed to gain experience before tackling

major expeditions; and I needed to be prepared and mitigate risks". (Ralston 74) Therefor making Ralston more rounded and mature to overcome his near death disaster. Ralston also wasn't influenced by anyone to go on his adventure while McCandless was very much influenced by Thoreau and Jack Londons' works. Another difference was Ralston wanted to be found, but Chris did not. Although once Chris...

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