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Chris Mc Candless' Quest For Inner Peace Was A Success

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Chris McCandless the main character of “Into the wild” was angered by the illusion of everything that his parents has stand for but lies. As a result, Chris McCandless was desperate to separate himself from the uncaring attitude of his family and begins a spiritual adventure to search for his identity. Chris McCandless isolates himself physically and emotionally to find freedom and peace by adventuring into the wild. Therefore, McCandless escapes from Emory University and immediately flees his dull and predictable life, heading west without a word to his family. Although, McCandless journey ends in a tragic ending, he fulfilled his ambition by pursuing his ambition and inner peace. In conclusion, McCandless journey was both a search for inner peace and transition to maturity.
During, McCandless scavenger for sense of peace within himself, a chance to calm the violent emotions from the complicated relationship with his parents with his father disloyalty. However through, the mental isolation and solitary experience during the deep forest for several weeks, McCandless began to contemplate not human relationship is not a necessity. His experiencing the unknown and deep wild changed his way of dealing to deal with relationship rather than being trapped in the whirlpool of human connections.
Originally, McCandless thought that the welfare of human relationship is critical in one’s happiness. For example, in his copy of Dr. Zhivago, he highlighted a passage that showed the importance of a friend or a companion “love of one’s neighbor.” Furthermore, McCandless wrote in his own personal diary that “Happiness is only real when shared.” Therefore, upon the realization of human betrayal, the “perfect world” of McCandless has collapsed into pieces. The act of escaping home can be interpreted as...

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