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Born in North Carolina in 1985, Chris Paul was the second born of Charles E. Paul and Robin Jones, two years after Charles ”junior” Paul in 1983. Charles, a former athlete himself, taught his sons foot ball and basketball and coached them in various youth events during their childhood. Being a gifted athlete, Pauls youth basketball team went on winning several 14U AAU national tournaments.
Despite Paul’s talent, being 5 feet was a major disadvantage. But Paul opted to join the JV basketball team in 9th and 10th grade to gain confidence and experience instead of sitting on the bench on varsity. Paul grew 2 inches during his tenth grade year. Sadly, after signing his letter of intent, the body of Paul’s uncle was discovered by his dad. His uncle was robbed and beaten by a group of teenagers, then left to die. He was 61. The next day, emotionally devastated Paul scored 61 points in honor of his uncle, one point for every ...view middle of the document...

Paul was selected 4th pick in the 2005 NBA draft by the New Orleans Hornets. Due to the devastation that hurricane Katrina inflicted on New Orleans, the Hornets would play most of their games in OKC that season. Paul finished the season leading rookie points, assist, and steals, and became the second rookie in history to lead with number of steals. Chris Paul was named rookie of the year with final averages of 16 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assist, and 2 steals per-game.
Paul was selected to his first all star game in the 07-08 season, playing in front of his home fans in New Orleans. Behind Chris Paul’s play, the Hornets were near the top of the western conference standings, but on March 17th they occupied first place thanks to a win against the Chicago Bulls. The Hornets finished the season with a franchise-record of 56 wins and second place in the western standings.

Prior to the beginning of the 08-09 season, Paul signed a $68 million contract extension with the hornets. On December, 17, Paul set a record for consecutive games with a steal that put him at 106 steals. His final averages were 22.8 points, 5.5 rebounds, 11 assist, and 2.8 steals per game.
After a slow start in the 09-10 seasons the hornets fired Coach Bryan Scott. Paul, not being very happy with the move, stirred up controversy commenting that the team “should have confronted me to see how I felt before it went down.” In early February an MRI showed a torn meniscus in Paul’s left knee after it was messed up in two consecutive games. It required surgery and Paul was out for two months, forcing him to miss the all star game.
On December 8, 2011, the hornets agreed to send Chris Paul to the Lakers. The NBA, who owned the team, closed the deal and said the hornets would be better of keeping Paul. On December 12 the hornets agreed to send Paul to the to the L.A. clippers. With the deal completed Paul’s arrival rejuvenated the clippers franchise, with Blake griffin saying “it finally put us on the map.” Early in Paul’s debut season the team built a fast pace offence and astonishing alley-oop dunks, usually from Paul to griffin or Deondre Jordan earning the nickname “lob city”.

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