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Christ The Lord Of Psychology Essay

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Kingdom Psychology, which is wisdom of God, calls the Christian Psychologists to a greater walk and relationship with the creator. It calls for the psychologist to be in total obedience and submission to God. It also calls the Christian psychologist to “resist unbelief and to examine every thought and bring it into total submission to God” (2 Cor. 10:5). In a field that has been alienated from God, the Christian Psychologist is called to re-create his/her method of setting free the sin severed souls of this world.
At 2Corithians 10:3-6, the Christian is challenged to “walk in the flesh, but not war according to the flesh”, using the weapons that are divinely given, “powerful for the use of destroying fortresses and everything that comes against the knowledge of God.” For the Christian Psychologists, this can be very challenging in trying to fulfill the heavenly calling of saving souls and still cooperate according to guidelines that are already in place. The kingdom psychologist is called upon to “pull out the threads and tapestry of psychology and reweave the discipline with God’s assumptions” (Stevenson, Eck, Hill. 2007. Pg. 50). As brought out in the scripture, this challenge should not be faced with carnal or worldly weapons, but with “kingdom weapons of love, humility and respect” (Stevenson et al. 2007. Pg. 51). In order to meet this obligation, the Christian Psychologist must immerse them in glorifying God, giving him the honor and praise, recognizing him as the giver of their gift and as the Lord of Psychology.
Because even the Saved and Sanctified children of God still have to live in this world of what is true and false; what is of God and what is not, the Christian does well to maintain their daily walk in the presence and in the word of God. This calls the Christian Psychologist to ensure that their wisdom is not of their own, but what the spirit of God leads them to believe by way of their faith. “Christians are called to the task of purifying or changing their thinking form secular thinking to an increasingly closer conformity to the word of God” (Stevenson et al. 2007. Pg. 50). This is also...

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