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Christian Aspects Of An Abortion Essay

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Aspects of an Abortion

Abortion is the word given to the simple ending of pregnancy before
birth. This can be naturally caused, and is called 'spontaneous'
abortion or the more common word of 'miscarriage' or it can be
deliberately induced. A spontaneous abortion, if it is going to
happen, usually takes place within the first twelve weeks of
pregnancy. An induced abortion is the deliberate expulsion of the
fetus from the woman's uterus. This has been practiced for over 3,000
years. Most induced abortions in Britain take place outside marriages.

Christian teachings refer to the bible and teaching from their church,
although in the Bible there are very little direct teachings about the
subject of abortion and so Christians have to interpret what there is
and make a decision, and so because of this a lot of Christians come
to different conclusions.

Christians are generally against abortion although some take a more
hard and stronger opinion than others. Christians share with the Jews
the belief that human life is sacred. This idea of sacrosanct life is
called the 'sanctity of life'.

Christian belief in the sanctity of life is central to a Christian
understanding of the issue of abortion. If life is sacred, a gift from
God, then it cannot be acceptable to take life. The question, with
which Christians are faced with then, is this: 'When does life begin?'
If life begins after birth, then to abort the foetus would not go
against teaching of the sanctity of life. If, however, life begins at
conception then it would go against the teachings.

It all depends on when you believe life begins:

· Conception

· Birth

· Some time between conception and birth

· It is impossible to say

Depending on which one you accept will take effect on what you will

If Christians believe the first - that life begins at conception -
then they cannot accept induced abortion. If they accept the second,
abortion will be acceptable. If they accept the third response then
they may agree to abortion up to a certain time. If they accept the
forth then surely they can't permit abortion because they would not
know whether they were going against the principle of the sanctity of
life or not.

The Roman Catholic Church, have always maintained that the direct and
deliberate killing of the unborn human is wrong in all circumstances.

Genesis 1:27 states 'So God created man in his own image; in the image
of God he created him; male and female, he created them.' And so if
you were to have an abortion you would be killing an image of God.

Exodus 20:30 states one of the Ten Commandments, 'You shall not commit
murder.' This is what the Roman Catholic teaching of abortion is about
and states that abortion is wrong and cannot be committed in any
circumstances because it is murder.

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