Christian Beliefs In Good And Evil

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Christian Beliefs in Good and Evil

Religious Education

A.) Describe what Christians may believe about the power of good
and the power of evil

B.) Explain how Christians may be influenced by these beliefs

C.) ‘If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer.’
Do you agree?

A.) Describe what Christians may believe about the power of good
and the power of evil

The Christian God is believed to be both loving and omnipotent.
Christianity teaches that as well as a power of good there is also a
power of evil - traditionally this is said to be Satan (or Lucifer),
one of the archangels who disobeyed God and was sent to hell (Luke
10:18). Christians believe that the power of evil, almost like a
force, can persuade people to do the wrong thing. They also believe
that it is up to the individual person to make the right choice and to
follow God’s teachings, as God will judge us on how we lived our
lives, and whether or not we lived good lives. The Old Testament
teachings on the power of good and evil are based predominantly on the
story of Adam and Eve. The teachings in the Old Testament of good and
evil are in two chapters mainly; ‘Genesis’ and ‘Job’.

Christians believe that the first ever sin was committed in the Garden
of Eden. It is written in the creation story in Genesis that Adam and
Eve disobeyed a direct command from God, thus committing the first
sin. God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good
and evil.” (Genesis 3:22). God created Adam and Eve innocent but with
the ability to choose right or wrong. In doing so, they could respond
to His love and trust Him or choose another path, as it was their
decision. They chose not to trust Him, and directly disobeyed Him. In
this world of ours, our actions often directly affect others, and some
Christians believe that because of Adam’s choice to sin, the world now
lives under the curse and everyone is born with a sin nature (Romans
5:12). Christians have conflicting views on just who the devil is,
and whether or not the serpent was Satan is disguise. What we do know
is that the angel Satan rebelled and according to the Bible, led one
third of the angels into direct opposition against God. Those humans
who oppose or ignore God follow Satan into rebellion - either
consciously or unconsciously, meaning that to ignore God’s wishes is
to ignore the power of good.

The book of Job tells the story of a wealthy, happy man. Suddenly, it
seemed as though his world was falling apart, as not only did he lose
his belongings and health, but also his family. “Terrors are turned
upon me, they pursue my soul as the wind; and my welfare passeth away
as a cloud, and now my soul is poured out upon me, the days of
affliction have taken hold upon me.” (Job 30:15-16). He admitted...

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