Christian Education Vs. Public School Education

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Many studies have shown that children whom have received a Christian education have developed much better in our society, and have shown to have in general a much better quality of life. On the other hand, some of the same studies have shown that children whom have received education from a public school do not succeed in their personal lives and in a work environment as much as Christian educated children.
The number one main difference is in the content of the education that is provided in each school. In each state there is different guide lines from which the public school education system must follow. For the state of Indiana, there is a general requirement as to what must be thought in ...view middle of the document...

In a Christian school, learning about history is including the teachings of Jesus, along with other non-Christian teachings. Knowing the differences in religions and how they came about, knowing the reason for how the world truly came about and where everything started gives the students a true sense of meaning and what their purpose is on this earth. However, in a public school, history is just things that have happened that have had an impact on our current society, and the religious aspects are not discussed in depth.
There are many similarities in how the education is controlled in both school systems, there are specific requirements that students must know in order to pass the standard government issued test. The primary difference is that in a public school, the government dictates what can and cannot be thought in a class, versus in a Christian school, although the primary focus is God, all other teachings are out there for students to understand and be fully informed about. The student to teacher ratio is what also makes a huge impact on how students learn. In public school the student to teacher ratio for high schools in Indiana ranges form 6.6 - 24.9. Middles schools are 8.88 – 23.11 and elementary is 10.11 – 24.68. In a Christian school, the student to teacher ratio is calculated differently, because many of the Christian school are from kindergarten to high school. However the student to teacher ratio is 1.88 – 28.
The differences in students across the board is always going to be extremely different, but in general the one on one peer to peer interaction is very different in a Christian school versus a public school. In a Christian school environment there tends to be more of a healthy competition. In the Christian school the parents tend to be more invested in the outcome of their children because they are having to spend more money on their education. In general, a public school can be essentially free, so many parents, unfortunately, are not invested in how their children are doing in school. In both public and Christian school, there are many recreational activities. However, the focuses are what make the differences between the two. Public schools tend to have many different activities, from sports to book clubs to mathletes. In a Christian school, that becomes more of a downfall....

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