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Case for Christ Video ReflectionBy: Kim DieterOctober 15, 2015The Christian FaithThe Case for Christ I believe was the best of the videos we have watched so far this semester by Lee Strobel. Strobel used his two year investigation on the top to prove that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happened. I noticed that Strobel also used the Bible itself with no consideration to see if it is really true. In this reflection and analysis on the Case for Christ, I will discuss the key points that Strobel uses to prove his point using what he calls the four "E's."Lee Strobel says that the evidence of Jesus Christ's resurrection can be explained using the four"E's." The first of the four "E's" is execution. Strobel states that there are many evidences that proved Jesus's execution happened. There are a lot of facts or ancient artifacts that prove this "execution." Many scholars that Strobel interviewed agreed that this really happened and this one quote in an interview with Gerd Ludemann states, "Jesus's death as a consequence of crucifixion is indisputable." This means that Jesus's execution cannot be argued if it is true or not because it really happened and it is a historical fact.The second of the four "E's" stands for early accounts. Now, you may be thinking what does this mean? Well, Strobel defines "early accounts" as stories, legends, mythologies created before Christ's resurrection. Lee Strobel mentions in his video that early accounts were written right after Jesus's execution and was passed so quickly on that it would've been impossible for it to become a "made-up" story or legend. Strobel also brought up the word creed in his explanation of the second "e." The creed he states can be found in the Bible in first Corinthians. The creed Strobel explains as a "sacred tradition that Christ died for our sins, died, and was buried…" Paul preserves this creed for us when he wrote first Corinthians.Strobel moves on to the third "e." He explains this "e" as the empty tomb. Strobel points out that the story of the empty tomb was written and it is said that Jesus's body was left in a tomb that was guarded by two soldiers and was heavily covered with a rock. They found the tomb empty as the Bible states. Lee Strobel called the supports for this case as the "Criterion of Embarrassment." I believe this to mean that if the writer is writing something that goes against him or embarrasses him, it means that he is probably telling the truth. For example, in the story of Christ's resurrection as it is read in the Bible, a women is the one who discovers the empty tomb. Well, in the times of Jesus's life, whatever a women said was not valid. However, Lee Strobel states that the Bible does admit...

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