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The Hollywood Industry has already begun promoting Christian ideals. We see this through the recent epic of Christian Movies that have materialized in the theaters. Movies such as: Fireproof, Courageous, Fifth Quarter, The Grace Card, and Facing the Giants are a few examples of such films.
In 2010 “The Grace Card” movie hit the cinemas only after 28 days of shooting the film. That is more than double the time it would normally take to make a movie. The fact that this is true, admittedly tells these Christian people that God was with them throughout the making of this film, and that He was quite pleased with their works. Deuteronomy 28:1-6 is a great reminder that by being faithful servants, such as the makers of The Grace Card”, we will surely be blessed. “If you listen obediently to the Voice of God, your God, and heartily obey all his commandments that I command you today, God, your God, will place you on high, high above all the nations of the world. All these blessings will come down on you and spread out beyond you because you have responded to the Voice of God, your God” (MSG).
What is important to know about this movie is that with the exception of one actor (Louis Gossett, Jr) the actors and actresses were not the normal Hollywood actors/actresses. They were either church members of the “sponsoring church”, which was The Calvary Church of the Nazarene in Cordova Tennessee, or community folk who lived in the area. According to the producer and church member, David Evans, The Grace Card production, (including wardrobe, hair/make-up etc.) was “completely staffed and managed by Calvary Church volunteers”. The people were committed to the making of this film on every level and this truly shows how devoted they were to getting Christ’s message into a hurting world. In the first week at the movies “The Grace Card” brought in $1,370,299.00; that is a massive amount of discipleship being done! The dollar amount earned in such a short period of time also proves the blessings from up above. As the week five lecture stated, “movies have a
Christian Ideals and Hollywood 3 powerful influence” (Engoy). Christians can take a stand in faith and pray that this type of movie can truly “influence people to the good” (Engoy).
Also made available to purchase is The Grace Card Bible Study Series. During this four week Bible Study Series, participates are able to reconcile relationships and mend wounded hearts all through the Grace of God. Furthermore, by virtue of forgivingness and love, a total transformation of ones life can be reached as well (Holmes).
Throughout both the movie and the Bible series, the main focus is on what is referred to a grace card. The grace card that is offered says: “I promise to pray for you...

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