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Christian found people’s inner world and classified as God's territory. Christians who want to get freedom in the heart, and get solace from God. Early Christians felt to get to the calling from God, so they devoted to the Kingdom of God. With the growing prosperity of the Christian Western world as a whole gradually formed a Christian, born and baptized as Christians. Therefore, calling individual turned Christian Church. In that period, the church had interference in secular rule. Luther believed that Christian spiritual and worldly duties to be confused with class, and even upside down, so he tried to reconstruct the invert world, and pursuit the internal freedom.
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" Luther believed that any Christians long after everyone agrees, you can administer the sacraments, can take effect. Let every Christian to ascertain: "We are all priests, we are no different from each other, that is, we are all Holy Word and the sacraments are equal people." He believes that a person’s soul was rescued only by personal piety faith, no church. By every Christian and joint of Jesus Christ, without any form, all Christians are priests, any believers are equal.
Luther from the free " Bible " demands the spirit of righteousness by faith proposition formed the basic connotation : soul rescued persons are justified before God , is not that good deeds are accumulated under my own merit , but because of God 's grace and the people of God Benedict sincere faith.
Luther “justification by faith” is primarily a personal inner spiritual transformation, but do not deny that the external life changing spiritual transformation brought about. Rescued sense inevitable historical process performance rescued, the performance of a normal lifestyle, historical merit extrinsic events. However, these external events will become the...

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