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The main purpose of this book is to explain how the Christian religion became a world religion. The author, Dana L. Robert, begins Christian Mission with the life and times of Christ in Jerusalem and how this led to the formation of the Catholic Empire. Next, Robert goes on to explain how missions, both catholic and protestant, came about and began to grow throughout the world. Then, the reader learns about the awakening as well as the struggles and conflicts within the global spreading of Christianity. After this, Robert shows that the world of missions is significantly influenced by the political and sociocultural world. The postscript demonstrates the true meaning of missions in a global, postcolonial age through the telling of the gospel message. This paper points out Dana L Robert’s most important arguments in order to answer the question of how Christianity became a world religion.
Chapter one shows some significant ways that initiated the advancement of Christianity to become a global religion. The history of Christianity can be viewed as a movement, instead of a set of doctrines, or as a historical process involving cross cultural and linguistic boundaries brought upon followers of Christ Jesus. These followers are a part of something called mission. The idea of mission is closely associated with the Greek verb “to send” or apostellein. Thus came about apostles, or missionaries, those who were sent to tell the Good News. As Christianity developed, bishops became the ones who were overseers and local leaders of social services, including giving to the poor. They were the first to be tortured and executed for their faith. The first papal mission began under the Roman Empire in AD 596. This caused the shaping of European Christendom and expansion of missionary actions making a profound impact on the identity of Christian societies.
In the second chapter, Robert discusses the impact of education, which furthered Christianity to become a global religion. Universities played a important part in the advancement of Christianity. The reason is because scholars and professors studied and began teaching and exploring theology, philosophy, law, medicine and mathematics. More universities affected literacy rates and the development of the printing press, which led to more Bible reading. Overall, schools were born, especially in the nineteenth century, and adapted the purpose to teach people to read the Bible and train people to become leaders for the church. This is connected to the previous chapter because missionaries were driven by religious motivations. Literacy, education, medical care and social services were some of the tools that helped spread the gospel message.
A large impact on the forming of Christianity as a world religion was the rise of youth ministry and youth culture. Chapter three explains the effects of organizations geared toward the transformation and up bringing of kids and young adults. One of the major organizations is the...

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