Christian Mythology In The Matrix Essay

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Christian Mythology in The Matrix

Through the movie we see parallel’s of Neo and Christian Mythology. Temptation from Satan to Jesus and the temptation to Neo from the Agents, are some very profound similarities between the two personages.
In the beginning of the movie Thomas Anderson, or Neo, is arrested. The agents try to cut a bargain trading a new life for giving up Morpheus.
In the scene with the agents and Neo we have mythical symbolism that relates to biblical times. As Agent Smith lectures Thomas, he flips through a record of Thomas' crimes. Smith is like Satan, who will always be called the 'accuser'. (Revelation 12:9-12). Agent Smith tells Thomas three distinct lies during the interrogation scene. Satan is the 'father of lies' (John 8:44).
Lie #1: Agent Smith indicates that Thomas' illusionary Matrix life is reality – having a job, paying taxes, helping the landlady. In contrast, Smith tells Thomas that his other (hacker) life is "lived in computers", which is an interesting twist of words! In truth, it is Thomas' illusionary life in the Matrix - his job, taxes, and landlady – that is "lived in computers" that generate the Matrix simulation! The real life that Thomas will live as Neo outside the Matrix is NOT lived "in computers".
Satan's lie is a complete reversal of truth. He lies that this tangible earthly life is all there is, that it is substantial, and that the spiritual things are silly myth that we should stop seeking.
Lie #2: Smith says, "One of these lives [a life of lies inside the Matrix] has a [good] future, and one of them [a life of truth outside the Matrix] does not."
This is another direct reversal. Truth gives eternal life - a good future. Believing lies results in eternal death.
Lie #3: Agent Smith describes Morpheus as a 'dangerous man', a 'criminal' who must be brought to 'justice'. In truth, Morpheus is a good man – so good that he is willing to lay down his own life to allow Neo to escape the Agents in the wet-wall scene.
Satan again reverses roles, portraying himself as good and God as evil. Many people fall for this lie. For example, many see Satan as noble liberator in the garden of Eden but judge God as a stingy jailer – instead of seeing God as providing an idyllic environment, while selfish man just had to have one more tree despite the abundant orchards! Man, imitating Satan, said "I will be like God" and rebelled against his benevolent Creator – a Creator Who in turn humbly took the form of a man to be crucified for the willful sins of His own creation so that a way of redemption could be open to all by simply trusting the Rescuer. To regard someone as 'evil' that dies on your behalf is the height of deception.
In biblical times Jesus had a traitor among his decipilies, Judas. The Matrix is not without this betrayer.
The betrayer character is named "Cypher", a play on the word 'cipher'. In the dictionary, some interesting meanings of 'cipher' are 'zero' and 'one that is without...

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