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Christian Perceptive In Human Right Essay

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Human rights are the rights of the most fundamental which naturally inherent in human beings as a gift of God (Based on Genesis 1:26-29; 2:17-18). Human right is a stem from claims of God to man. Therefore, although it cannot be separated from human experiences, it is not from the experience of human, but rather on God's action in human history. Meaning: Human Rights is not a human ideal formula of himself, but rather an understanding of what God requires of man - what man is, what is the meaning of existence, and what the purpose of his life, from God's perspective. Based on the truth of the above, it should reject the two tendencies are somewhat common on attitudes toward human rights, ...view middle of the document...

It is became hateful agitation a positive and constructive advocacy."
In Christian ethics, Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book ETHICS explains that "freedom" (right) and "obedience" (liabilities) are two sides of one coin, the "responsibility“, No responsibility without obedience, but also there is no responsibility without freedom, because right without obligations are arbitrariness, while an obligation without right is slavery.
Human Rights should be reviewed within two concepts, namely: 1) Sovereignty of God Universal is the sovereignty over human right come from God, violate human right is a violation of the provisions of God. No single agency or any single person, including the state is authorized to cancel or reduce such rights except Him. According to Jurgen Moltman, he said that the sovereignty of God in human beings include: a) Individual Dimension: This dimension is about dignity as human beings; personality of someone who is a whole that cannot be divided, for the example is human has distinct uniqueness to others who do not want to be equated, in other words has it is own characteristics, b) Social Dimension: This dimension is about when human living together with another man, the example is we cannot pick and choose to make friends with who we want to be our friend because everyone must and will need other people, c) Futurological Dimension: This dimension about the chance to have a future, example is human have the opportunity to achieve their own future without any...

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