Christian Teachings About The Relationship Between Humanity And The Rest Of Creation

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Christian Teachings about the Relationship between Humanity and the Rest of Creation

“God created the world in 7 days” is what Christians believe, where
as others believe that God does exist but took longer to create the
world, and others believe there is no God and the world was created
through evolution- which is the development of atoms through long
periods of time. But all of these people agree on one thing- the world
was created a long time ago and we as a world-wide community need to
respect and look after the world.

In Genesis chapter 1 verses 27-28 God sets people apart from the rest
of creation, gives them dominion, control over the world. Christians
believe domino has lead to people using the world’s resources for
themselves. The church rarely speaks out about destruction of the
world, for example power and wealth concerning and deliberately
abusing the environment.

God made us stewards of the world; this means we are managers or
keepers who are responsible for the proper use and development of the
world, in this respect, humans were to be the manager or keepers’ of

As stewards of creation, we humans have two important
responsibilities; to conserve and to use the resources given to us by
God. We as humans are managers, not owners, so the resources are not
for us to squander, limit pollution, recycling basic materials,
distribution of food stocks more fairly.

Saint Francis of Assisi was a little poor man of Assisi. He was born
in the year 1182 in the town of Assisi in Italy. His father's name was
Bernadone. Bernadone was a very wealthy merchant of Assisi. Francis
was a very good-looking boy. He was merry and soft-hearted. So he had
many friends. All the noble men's sons were his companions. One day
Francis was joking and laughing with his friends. A beggar came along
crying for alms. Francis, who was soft-hearted, gave whatever he had
in his pocket to the beggar. His companions mocked at him for his
charitable act. Dispassion dawned in his heart. The sight of the
beggar set him thinking about the poverty and misery of mundane life.
He gave much money to the poor. His father thought that Francis was
wasting his money and rebuked him. Sometime after this, Francis was
laid up in bed for many months on account of some serious disease. He
was about to die. But the Lord saved him as he had to carry out a
definite mission in his life. The nature of Francis was entirely
changed. Francis prayed to the Lord for light and guidance as to his
future. He had a vision of Lord Jesus. He made a strong determination
to renounce his old way of living to tread a life of purity and to
dedicate his life to the service of humanity.

As soon as Francis got well, he informed his parents of his
determination. They were disappointed. They became angry with Francis.

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