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A Pioneer on a Religious Journey

Many historical figures have shaped the way we live today. We look back as a society and learn from their mistakes and achievements that have made them who they are and always will be. Most importantly, we never forget what has made them so special in our minds. Mary Baker Eddy was one of the many who made history because of her great deeds and accomplishments. Nonetheless, she is not famous to many people because of what she was, but she is famous for what she has left our world. The greatest individuals are those who leave their work for others to discover.

As we view historical figures in society, we classify them as someone who is famous and has done many great things to earn such a label. Nevertheless, it is hard to pinpoint exactly where Mary Baker Eddy made herself famous in history. Did she become famous for being a religious leader? Did she become known as someone of greatness because she founded her own religion and established a church to represent her discovery? Mary Baker Eddy might have accomplished many great triumphs in her lifetime, however many view that her greatest achievement would by far be what she has left for the world. She has left a religion that has doubled in churches and memberships and is growing larger by the year (287 Powell). She has left a book that has touched millions in ways that one might have never imagined. Although she might have left us many years ago, biographer Sibyl Wilbur views Mrs. Eddy as "a major religious figure of the 20th century and as a notable example of the emergence of women in significant leadership roles"(vii). Her fame, although it was never an important feature to her, will always be attributed to the hard work and untiring love she had for God and life. In turn, her unselfish deeds and determination to spread the true healing of Christianity has made her a historical figure in the world for years to come.

Mrs. Eddy, like many other famous individuals, went through a lot of hardship in her life to get what she wanted. Through much study of the Bible in her years, she found a way to bring back the healing power of Christ Jesus. She believed that this form of Christianity had been lost for many years. She then felt impelled to share her discovery with others. However, she did not find it easy as a woman in the 1900's to establish a religion, publish a book and be viewed as a normal citizen. Mary started off her religious journey on a rocky road. Her married life brought her happiness through the years. However it also brought her personal pain which in turn gave her an abundance courage. She was first married to George Glover in 1843(Wilbur 36). With the marriage came the birth of a new son named Albert and a lot of pain for Mary. After giving birth to her son, she suffered from severe spinal pains that lasted for over nine years (Powell 43). Sadly, Mr. Glover died of yellow fever in 1853 leaving Mary a widow and on her own. Mary struggled...

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