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Christian Values In Pinocchio Essay

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In the movie Pinocchio there are several example of the church teaching on conscience. Conscience is the part of a person responsible for determining right and wrong. If you do something wrong your conscience tells you if you do something good your conscience tells you. There was a Woodcarver named Geppetto who wished to have a child of his own. One night he carves a puppet called Pinocchio. He wished that Pinocchio could become a real boy and his wish is unexpectedly granted by a fairy. The fairy brought the puppet to life but did not make him a real boy. In order to do this Pinocchio has to prove himself brave, truthful, and unselfish. The fairy ...view middle of the document...

True conscience indicated the goodness or badness of the moral behavior. True conscience is displayed several times. One time Pinocchio listens to his conscience and goes home but on his way he follows the fox again back to the circus. Another time is when Pinocchio starts to regret not listening to Jiminy Cricket when he is locked up and taked as a prisoner by the circus dude.Erroneous conscience incorrectly indicates moral choices. In the Movie Erroneous conscience is displayed twice once when Pinocchio chooses to listen to Lanwhick when he tells him to smoke a cigar, Pinocchio is told jiminy cricket that smoking is bad but he still does it. Another example of Erroneous conscience is when Pinocchio chooses to got to the circus after Jiminy tells him to got school but he does not listen.Certain conscience clearly labels an action as good or bad. In the Movie Pinocchio went to go save his dad when he is swallowed by the giant whale named monstro. This is an act of Certain conscience because Pinocchio know he is doing good by saving his dads life.Lax conscience is when someone is easily persuaded that moral evil is permissible. In the movie Pinocchio is tempted by the fox to skip school and join the circus. This is an action of lax conscience because Pinochio is easily persuaded to ditch school.Scrupulous conscience is when a person sees evil and there isn?t any In conclusion many of the church teachings are being used in Pinocchio and his Conscience is a part of his life.

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