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Christian Views About Death Essay

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Studies of Religion – Ultimate Questions“If there is one belief that all of the Christian denominations are in agreement on, it is what happens to a person when he or she dies.”All religions would agree that there is something beyond this world, that there is a higher power. To suggest that all Christians believe the same beliefs about what happens when he or she dies would be erroneous. Each Christian denomination has different beliefs, due to the Bibles interpretation made by others. However, everyone who calls himself or herself a Christian believes in the person of Jesus Christ.Christians believe that life has a purpose which is to love and serve God, this then ultimately brings joy to their lives. They believe that life does not end with death, this is because Jesus has been raised from death and those who believe can also look forward to a new life continuing beyond the grave. Just before Jesus died, He told His disciples, “Do not be worried and upset…There are many rooms in my Father’s house, and I am going to prepare a place for you’ (John 14:1-2). It is fair to say that all Christians believe in a life after death, however each religion has different thoughts about what happens between the time that you die and the time when The Second Coming arrives. Different people have different ideas, and all around the world we see that customs and the way things are taken about are done different to our lives. Even though Christians agree about the important teachings, is it fair to say that they may not agree about the niceties about those important teachings. Niceties can matter a lot when people are talking about imperative things such as religion. Christians say that God speaks to people in all diverse types of ways, which is why there may be so many different Churches. The different Churches indicate that every Christian can follow what they believe, in a way that is right for them.Members of the Roman Catholic churches believe that a person’s soul, his or her spiritual being, does not die with the body at the moment of death. The soul is immortal and leaves the body to be judged by God and is then sent to heaven, hell or purgatory. Heaven, in their religion, is the destination for the souls of the people who are in a state of grace and in heaven they bask for eternity in the vision of God. The fallen angel, by the name of Satan rules hell which is the netherworld. This is where the souls of the unrepentant people who lived evil lives go. In medieval times hell was illustrated as a terrible place of fire, brimstone and agonising physical pain but in modern times the Church has chosen to play down the physical side of hell. Instead they have chosen to emphasise it as a place that is made unbearable for the sinner by the complete absence of God. Purgatory is explained as a place where imperfect but not completely sinful souls are purified through punishment. Unlike the residents of hell, those in...

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