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Bullying has been an issue among students in the world since they start studying at school; many students have been involved in bullying in different forms and roles of it. Bullying may bring harmful effects for students involved in bullying whether they are the bullies or victims. A good Christian teenager is encouraged to respond bullying wisely and elegantly.
Identify Bullying
The first step to respond to bullying is by identifying it. What is bullying? Bullying is defined as a situation when someone or a group of people shows their superiority over the weaker person or group intentionally and frequently that causes harm. There are a minimum of six different types of bullying: physical bullying, verbal bullying, indirect bullying, social alienation, intimidation, and cyber bullying (Bully Busters).
Types of Bullying
Physical bullying is a type of bullying that involves physical contacts. Physical bullying is probably the most famous type of bullying, most people associates bullying with kicking, hitting, and punching which is all included as physical bullying. Stealing someone else’s belongings and damaging it is also included in physical bullying. Another type of bullying is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying uses words for the bullies’ purposes such as taking control of the victims, hurting other people’s feelings, belittling ones confidence, etc. Verbal bullying is usually done by name-labeling, mocking others’ religion, race, or their appearances, and using offensive and inappropriate words to other people. As reported by statistics, it is one of, if not, the most common type of bullying in school with approximately 46.5% of students who have reported being verbally bullied (Types of Bullying ). Other types of bullying includes indirect bullying which is done by spreading rumors, social alienation that is a form of bullying by eliminating someone from a group of people, and intimidation which is an act of intimidating a person that a bully does to get what the bully wants from that person.
Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that involves the usage of technology, notably internet, to intimidate, harass, insult, and humiliate other people. Cyber bullying is usually done because it is easy and quick in this 21st century and it will keep the bully’s real identity hidden. As a result, cyber bullying is often harsh and abusive. As social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter grow, there is no doubt that the probability for cyber bullying to occurs will also increase, especially among teenagers, and it is witnessed that many of them lose their life because of cyber bullying, which is an evidence of how dangerous cyber bullying can be.

Causes of Bullying
Bullying is caused by many reasons; one of it is cultural reasons. It is extremely easy for someone to get influenced by the culture around them when the culture has last so long even though that person came from a place with different cultures. This means that...

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