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Christian Werthmuller's War Stories Essay

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Since the beginning of history there has always been conflict and disagreement, which led to battle and confrontation. Ever since these hostilities have emerged, the problems that spark the conflicts and the battle itself have been illustrated in textbooks and plastered all over the internet, yet no one really takes the time to think of the many soldiers and people who risk their lives for our safety and freedom. To gain a tighter grasp on history and what these veterans have done for us, we interviewed army veteran, Christian Werthmuller, who participated in Black Operations, Operation Desert Storm, and the Iraq War.
Black Operations had been a continuous secret really started in WWII with the Rangers and UDT. The OSS started then which became the CIA (Werthmuller). Another name for Black Operations is Special Operations Forces which is another term used to describe elite military teams trained to go on high-risk, dangerous missions that conventional units cannot do (Werthmuller). These soldiers need to be physically and mentally healthy, and have the courage and skill to operate individually or in small teams. “Everything they do is considered black ops because no one hears about it and most likely never will” (Werthmuller). Most of Officer Werthmuller’s serving period in Honduras was part of Black Operations. Officer Werthmuller spoke of how it was hard for his team’s families and his own to not know where they were during these times, but that nothing could be said or released to these families because of the mission’s secrecy or the chance of wrecking the mission (Werthmuller).
Desert Storm, otherwise known as the Gulf War, began in 1991 on the morning of January 16 (Fast Facts). Located off of the Persian Gulf, Desert Storm involved many nations such as the United States, Iraq, Australia, the United Nations, and China (Should the US). The war began due to an invasion of Iraq into Kuwait under Saddam Hussein’s suspicion that Kuwait decreased the price of oil. Saddam Hussein ordered troops to invade and declared Kuwait a providence of Iraq. The United Nations vowed to intrude by force if the Iraqi’s did not withdraw their troops by the 15th of January (How the War). This resulted in the start of the war the following morning. The war lasted until February 28, 1991 with a total of 147 deaths in battle, 145 deaths outside of battle, and 1 missing in action. Ninety-eight of the deaths were the loss of U.S. Army soldiers, as 105 of the non-battle deaths (Fast Facts).
Officer Werthmuller also took part in the Iraq War, one of the most high-priority foreign and political problems distressing the United States (Friedman 7). Starting in 2003, the war was a result of America believing that Iraq had weapons capable of huge devastation and our government was frightened that these weapons would be handled by a terrorist. Our country ordered Iraq to prohibit the production of missiles and nuclear weapons and the war begun to end the scared nation, the...

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