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Bible Made Easier By Robert A. Krieg

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Yu Ting Chien M
Robert A. Krieg uses modern English to explain the Bible that make easier for people to understand the contents of the Bible. The first chapter, Creation and salvation is really good for beginners who does not understand or does not have any background or concept of Christianity, and it is interesting to read the stories, although some descriptions are not logic or have several inconsistencies. Krieg uses creation for beginning that opens up the mystery of the world, which make more sense for human’s daily life and people who wonder how everything happened. God is the creator of this world, and he/she used six days to create, and the seventh day is resting day, which is our Sunday now. The seven days a week is God’s creation, and also the human, men and woman.
Although I read the Genesis2:4b-4:26 and Genesis 1:1-2:4a stories to try to understand why God create us, I still do not understand why, why god create us? Is it because he feel lonely? Or because he wants to have fun? Or “According to the Atrahasis story, the gods created human beings to do the work that the gods themselves refused to do (p.4)”. Why god use so much energy to create us and still need we to believe in him/her and give us pain and suffer, then he comes to save us or redemption? And also, how the Jahwist/Yahwist and the Priestly source knew what God said, and did they see God, like people saw Jesus? The story is God told them or they made it up to make people believe. “These two specific texts are mythic or symbolic narratives, not scientific theories (p.5)”. Krieg is right, not everything can use scientific to determine right and wrong or reason, especially the religion. But I do not think that is good answer for those questions. The best explanation that I can come up with is God create us must have his reason, and no one could totally understand or explain it, or
Deep in our heart, we all believe there is something or someone that guiding us. God may be someone or something that inside of our heart. Even nowadays, science and technology develop so advance, accurate, and efficient, people still searching. Searching what the truth is and what the purpose of the life is, what the meanings of our life are and who controls all of this. Obviously, science and technology could not help us. Our heart beyond technology and science, we think more because human are rational, and the rational eventually will lead human to god.
“According to the Bible, salvation is God’s gift that we can accept or reject (p. 1)”. Even though, God create us, he/she still give us freedom to choose to love him/her, as same as he/she gave Adam and Eve. God does not force us to believe in him/her, but when people truly believe in God, they will do and think what God wants them to do. Krieg used Beauty and the Beast to explain the freedom and love to God, which makes people to understand God’s love.
Everything is hard at the beginning. Opening a...

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