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Christianity And Islamic Religions: A Blessing Or A Curse Part 1

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viewed as instructions of God to his Muslim followers to kill unbelievers, to capture them, to ambush them (Quran 9.5). Till this day many attack the unequal justice present between men and women in Islam. Scholars claim Islamic law, such as verse 4:34 of Quran, allows and encourages domestic violence against women, when a husband suspects disobedience, disloyalty, rebellion, ill conduct in his wife. Not only Islam was accused of such but also Christianity. The Bible comprises /far /more /verses flattering or /urging /bloodshed than does the Quran, and biblical /violence is /often far /more /extreme, and marked by more /indiscriminate barbarity. If the /founding text /shapes /the whole /religion, then /Judaism and /Christianity deserve the highest criticism as religions of /savagery. In the “Old Testament” /the principle /of /"an eye for an eye" is /often /referred to /using the /Latin /phrase /lex /talionis, the law of /talion. The significance of the /principle Eye for an Eye is that an individual who has /injured /another person /returns the /offending /action to the /originator in /compensation. It also contains versus allowing slavery.
Other than the violent teachings preached in the bible, Torat or Quran, religions were condemned violent for they often lead countries to tensions among different religious groups. What better place to talk about the tensions that rise between different religions than the Middle East. The Middle East houses the three principal monotheistic religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism, which originated from it. Lebanon is the perfect example of this diversity for it contains these three religions along with all their subgroups. Although the situation is mostly calm and people are accepting of each other yet incidents do happen. The major one must be the civil war of 1975 that separated Beirut into two half: a Muslim west Beirut and a Christian east Beirut. The war ended after 15 years of brutal fighting that resulted in 130,000-150,000 people killed and brutal atrocities in the memory of the current old generation. The tales of this war were carried generation to generation and led people to understand the importance of respecting religious diversity. Although over the last years tensions between Muslims and Christians declined hugely, yet tensions among the subgroups of a religion, especially among Sunni and Shias are in an increase. Incidents between these two are taking place daily and have resulted in a series of bombing all along Lebanon that terrified everyone. Tensions between Sunni and Shias were more aggravated in Iraq; UNHCR raised the estimate of refugees to a total of about 4.7 million (~16% of the population) and the number of internally displaced people was 2.7 million.
History is full of examples of religious wars and acts of terror that resulted in a huge number of death. The fact that no one holds the knowledge to determine which religion is true resulted in a conflict that will never be settled....

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