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Christianity Course WorkChristianity CourseworkQuestion 1a. Visit two local Christian places of worship. Using pictures and/or diagrams describe and explain the main features of the buildings and their furnishings.For my studies of Christian places of worship I chose The Vine Baptist Church in Sevenoaks and Saint Mary´s Roman Catholic Church in Bridgend. As a neutral point of comparison I also studied the Anglican Church of Saint Bartholomew in Merthyr Mawr, Bridgend.In both the Roman Catholic and the Anglican churches there were fonts, but they were situated in different places in the church.Anglican font Roman Catholic fontIn the Anglican church the font was at the back by the door, whereas in the Roman Catholic church it was to the left side of the altar. Both the fonts were carved from stone and of a similar size. In the Baptist church there was no font but instead there was a Baptismal pool under the floor.In all three churches there was also a pulpit, although in the Baptist church it was unused and in the Anglican it was partly unused. In the Baptist church the pulpit was in the center of the chancel behind the lord's table. In both the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches the pulpit was to the left of the altar.Anglican pulpit Baptist pulpitIn the Roman Catholic church the pulpit was a simple, small wooden structure; similar to a lectern in design, whereas in both the Baptist and Anglican churches the pulpit was much larger and more ornate.A Roman Catholic combined pulpit and lecternInside the Anglican and Baptist churches there was, in addition, a lectern, from which the main part of the service was conducted. These were smaller and simpler than the pulpit and were also closer to the nave. The Roman Catholic church I visited was very modern and the pulpit and lectern were combined into one and the service was taken form there.Anglican LecternThe altar or Lord´s Table was present in both the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches and there was a plain Table in the Baptist church.The plain table of the Baptist Church.In the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches the Altar was near the back of the chancel whereas in the Baptist church it was in front of the pulpit.In the Anglican church the altar was covered with a cloth in liturgical colours with a candle at each end. In the Roman Catholic church the altar was covered in plain hangings, with a candle at either side of it.Anglican altarRoman Catholic altarNone of the churches I visited had a rood screen, however many older high Anglican and Roman Catholic churches (and especially older Cathedrals) do have rood screens that separate the nave (congregation) from the choir.I found a stoup by the door in both the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches; these are small ornate bowls of holy water.The Roman Catholic church had many features found in neither the Anglican nor the Baptist churches. These included a statue of the Virgin Mary with votive candles to one side and a tabernacle,...

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