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Christianity Research Paper
“No other religion, philosophy, teaching, nation, movement—whatever—has so changed the world for the better as Christianity has done. Its shortcomings, clearly conceded by this author, are nevertheless heavily outweighed by its benefits to all mankind” (Schmidt 9). In fact, one cannot deny that the formation of Western Civilizations, as we known them, were highly dependent upon the influences of Christianity. “Contrary to the history texts treatment of the subject, Christian influence on values, beliefs, and practices in Western culture are abundant and well ingrained into the flourishing society of today” (Schmidt 12). Moreover, today’s literary, artistic, musical, and etymological creations have deep seeded roots stemming from the Bible and ancient scripture. In order to appreciate the extent of Christianity’s profound influence on Western Civilizations, one needs to simply look to the history of the Christian Church. While some of Christianity’s influences might be more difficult to detect, others are more easily recognizable. The rise of Christianity and its profound influence in several fields has played an integral role in shaping Western Civilizations into prosperous societies of today. Most prevalent are the areas of education, art and architecture, and language and literature, each paying homage to their rich Christian heritage.
One cannot deny the influence, which Christianity has had in the field of education throughout the history of Western Civilizations. Noah Webster, educator and author of the 1828 An American Dictionary of the English Language wrote, “Education without the Bible is useless.” (DeMar 40). Education in America, which centered in the church, was started to provide a Christianity education to those unable to receive such instruction at home. In fact, education was seen as means of fighting Satan’s pursuit to limit man in his ability to obtain the knowledge and teachings of the “Word of God.” In the 16th century, as the focus of education throughout Western Civilizations took on a more prominent role in society, evidence of Christianity and specifically its values and teachings, were incorporated into the curriculum being taught in schools. As such, education, which started as, “seminaries to train a godly and literate clergy, “was seen as a platform to spread Christian based ideas and philosophies during the period of Reformation. Moreover, the Bible was viewed as a compelling force in that the written scripture could be applied to nearly every aspect of one’s life. In 1626, Harvard, one of the first universities, was founded. “Harvard’s curriculum emphasized the study of biblical languages (Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic), logic, divinity (theology), and communication (public speaking and rhetoric). Latin also linked students to classical studies and the writings of the church fathers” (DeMar 43). In fact much of the curriculum noted in the textbooks utilized at the time,...

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