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Christianity in Africa is not a recent happening nor is it a product of colonialism if we go back to the very time of the apostle. Christianity in most area was confronted during the centuries after the struggle by Islam, the Christian religion suffered in some measure, but did not disappear. Christianity has been flourishing on the northern part of this continent for years before Islam was born. Christianity in North African seemed to have been well founded deeply entrenched and firmly led.
The question then to ask is why then did Christianity died from North Africa when Islam made it great advance during the centuries? Was there something unique about North Africa? Did the Muslims use a different technique in North Africa than they did in other areas which they invaded? An overview of this assignment will give the dead of Christianity from North Africa finding it primary and most decisive cause in a unique form.
Even though the European worlds have tried to claim Christianity as their religion, the teachings of Christianity are of universal application. Musa A.B Gaiya noted that, “There is strength in the Christian present in Africa they first dates from the apostolic period. It first entered Egypt and quickly spread to other [part of North Africa, namely Ethiopia, Nubia, and Maghreb area. These means Christianity was indigenized since Africa were themselves instrumental in the spread of the gospel” this has made Christianity not to be considered as a foreign religion. “Historically Christianity was thriving in Africa long before it reach American and British where most of the protestant missionaries come from. We can therefore call Christianity an Africa religion” . We may therefore with good reason refer to the AD62 as the founding date of the first Christian church in Africa”
Historically, tradition has it that the gospel reaches Egypt through John Mark in AD 61. There are major biblical records that give account of several contract of inception of Christianity in Africa. The child Jesus was taken to Egypt for safety as recorded in Matthews’ gospel, Simon who was compelled to carry Jesus cross was from Cyrene (Libya), there where visitors from Egypt and Cyrene during the Pentecost and where responsible for the founding of the church in Antioch the Ethiopia Eunuch in Acts 8. According to Elizabeth Isichei, while every day in the west, roughly 7500 people in effect stop being Christians everyday in Africa roughly double that number become Christians. The expansion of Christianity in the twentieth century African has been so dramatic that it has been called the fourth great age of Christian expansion” right from the inception in Africa, Africans has played a vital role for the growth of Christianity. “Christianity in Africa is of global significance, and the direction it takes is of importance to Christians everywhere. In the past, foreign missionaries Christianized Africa. Today the...

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