Christians And Marriage Essay

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Christians and Marriage


= Religions (Myrtle Langley)

= Beliefs, Values and Traditions (Ann Lovelace & Joy White)

= WGGS Resource Sheet

= WGGS Notes

= Daily Express November 2000

= Milestones (Celia Collinson & Campbell Miller)

= From the Cradle (Kevin O'Donnell)



a) Describe and explain the Christians teaching about marriage (be
sure to include

Biblical evidence). (24 marks)

Marriage is an important ritual in the life of a Christian. The Old
Testament talks about marriage in the Creation story, showing it has
been important since the beginning of time. When God created the world
and man he said 'it is not good for man to live alone. I will make a
suitable companion for him' (Genesis 2). God created woman 'for she
was taken out of man' (Genesis 2). This shows how man without woman is
not fulfilled and satisfied, which is why he needs a companion. This
also shows a great closeness between the sexes. God's idea of marriage
is very important to Christians.

Marriage is a very serious commitment, one not to be undertaken
lightly 'this is my solemn vow' (Marriage Vow - Milestones). Therefore
before the ceremony couple's attend preparation classes to show them
the meanings of marriage. These classes also help the couple in ways
to strengthen the bond.

'it has symbolised the near absolute control of a woman from her
father to her husband' (Religious Tolerance). During the ceremony the
Priest or Vicar asks the permission of the Father to allow his
daughter to marry the groom. However this is often considered to be an
old fashioned tradition.

The marriage vows taken in a ceremony reflect a Christian view of
marriage. They talk about how the couple will always be together.
'From this day forward… til death do us part; according to God's holy
vow' (Milestones). The commitment is from now on, it is for life and
the only way it can be discontinued is when God takes a life 'if we
live; we live to the Lord. If we die, we die to the Lord. But whether
we live or die we belong to the Lord' (Bible). They explain how the
couple will always be there for each other 'for richer for poorer…for
better for worse…in sickness and in health' (Milestones). Through the
easier times and the hard ones, to enjoy the fun, but help strengthen
the relationship through the tougher times. These three vows describe
how the are together as 'one flesh' (Bible) and it also suggest sexual
intimacy as an expression of love. The marriage vows describe all the
aspects of marriage.

Marriages are based on love, they talk about love for one another as
Jesus said 'I give you a new commandment: love one another; as I have
loved you, so you are to love one another'. To love someone one must
be able to...

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