Christians' Feelings About Abortion And Euthanasia

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Christians' Feelings About Abortion and Euthanasia

Sanctity of like means the belief that human life is sacred and holy.
Christians believe that human life is sacred; it is a gift from God,
God values life, so much so that ' he has counted the hairs on our
head' (Luke 12 v7). Their beliefs are reflected in what denomination
they are and how seriously the follow the teachings of the bible. Each
follows different ways of believing. The bible teaches them how to
live their lives as Christians, so they believe it. This strengthens
and reinforces that belief that they have been taught. Christians know
that God values human life, because God sent his son down to earth in
order to mend the relationship between God and humans.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that
whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John

Something said to be 'holy' or 'sacred' must be protected and
respected. Human life is sacred as it involves the creative action of
God from the very beginning i.e. inside the womb. Therefore abortion
would be classified as playing God as whilst he is trying to create,
you are trying to destroy. This would be a sin and an act of

" God created every part of a person whilst in the womb" (Psalms

God is the creator and destroyer, we are made in his image therefore
it is his given authority to have control over events not ours

"God states the time for birth and death (Ecclesiastes)."

Men and women have spiritual capacity as they have striking
resemblance to God, it may even be correct to say that we are each
others brothers and sisters as we all have the same father. Sanctity
of life is a core principle for Christian teachings. There is a
relationship with the creator and created till the very end of their
life. Under no circumstance can anyone have the authority or right to
destroy another human being.

In Christianity, human life is sacred in all churches to a certain
extent. They can be divided in to two divisions pro-life and

Pro-life is a group against abortion and euthanasia. They would rather
preserve life then terminate. Churches agree with this, but have
certain circumstances in which the give permission to terminate one's

Pro-choice would favour the mother or patient, as they are more
interested in caring and consideration then 'medical ethics'.

Baptist churches believe in the sanctity of life. Theirs beliefs
indicate that life is something given by God and people should not
take upon them, so that they have the right of duty to take it away.

The most obvious statement in the bible, which is also part of the Ten
Commandments and shows that Christians believe in the sanctity of
life, is

"Do not murder (exodus)."

Abortion can be...

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