Christians For Abortion Essay

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Abortion is a controversial issue that should not be treated lightly. It is also an emotional decision.
The word abortion means taking the foetus out before the baby is born (and therefore killing it). Under British Law doctors can abort a baby up to the 24th week if two doctors agree. It will also be taken into account the effect on the woman and any other family she may have.
There can be many reasons as to why someone would have an abortion. Some reasons are as follows:
• There is a risk of the baby being disabled.
• If the mother doesn’t want the baby.
• If continuing the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life.
• It stops people having an illegal or unsafe abortion.
• The woman’s rights outweigh those of the foetus.
• If having a baby would threaten the mother’s quality of life.
In different parts of the world, there are varied ways to perform an abortion.
• Dilation and Curettage – this method is usually done during the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy. The abortionist scrapes the wall of the uterus, cutting the baby’s body to pieces.
• Chemical Abortion – Hormone compounds are put into the uterus, causing it to give birth prematurely to the baby.
• There are newer methods such as the morning after pill, which causes a fertilized egg to be expelled from the womb. It can also be called a contraceptive. This method is usually the most common.
There are different arguments for or against abortion, and each individual has their own personal opinion which has to be respected even if you disagree.
In a discussion against abortion, there...

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