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Christians' Response To The Issue Of Euthanasia

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Christians' Response to the Issue of Euthanasia

Euthanasia is currently a highly debated topic for many Christians and
in this section of my coursework I will be looking at how Christians
may respond to the question of it.

However before I explore or begin to explain how a Christian may
respond, I need to explore how Christians make their moral decisions.
Christians use a number of sources to make decisions or discuss moral
issues such as euthanasia. The first of these is the Bible. Although
the Bible does not actually mention euthanasia it does teach
Christians about the sanctity of life and the values of humanity so a
Christian may draw on these teachings as suggested in section A, when
discussing euthanasia. A Christian would therefore use these teachings
to try and work out how God would want them to live life. Some
Christians may also use Church teachings when responding to the
question of euthanasia. This is especially true for Roman Catholics
who may also look to the Pope and Bishops. Many Christians may also
look to Jesus and the example he set to Christians through his life
and teachings in the gospels, because the teaching of Jesus lies at
the heart of Christian ethics. Also Christians may use their
conscience to make decisions, this is the Christian idea of free will
and is the belief by some Christians that because God created humans
apart from animals and able to make choices about our lives we have
the right to use them and some Christians would use the idea of free
will to support euthanasia. Finally some Christians may also make
decisions on issues such as euthanasia from being influenced by
society around them.

The first Church teaching that I am going to explore is the Roman
Catholic Church teaching which the majority of Catholics are likely to

The Roman Catholic Church as an absolute view on euthanasia and
believes that in all cases it is morally wrong. Firstly the Church
believes that God creates every person and therefore life is sacred
and killing an innocent person is therefore never acceptable.

The Roman Catholic Church has always taught the absolute view of the

"Thou shall not kill"

Pope John Paul II has also taught:

"Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God, since it is the
deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person."
Evangelism Vitea 1995

The Roman Catholic Church also states that ant attempt at ending human
life is opposing God's love for that person. They believe that
circumstances such as long illness actually help people to face death,
even though it is frightening however the Church believes that when
doctors are faced with a patient who is terminally they should either:

* Not give anything with the deliberate intention of killing the

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