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Christians Should Be Silent On Social Issues And Stay Out Of People's Lives Because They Have No Right To Judge Or Critique Others

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Christians should not be silent on social issues due to their size, moral compass and Gods activeness. They should not judge the lives of the people they know but gently criticize them while displaying Jesus’ love and acceptance.
Social issues around the world personally affect many Christians. ‘All these issues and many others affect both Christians and those with no religious faith,’ about one third, ‘32% of the World population is Christian . So Christians should utilise their numbers and partake in social issues that directly concern them or issues which create, ‘the stirring of the love of God which cannot be contained,’ within them.
In Hebrews 5:11 it states, “for those who are ...view middle of the document...

If Christians keep, ‘sight of the bigger picture ,’ They will have a sense that they can do anything, change anything with the help of God, changing the Earth in the ways God wants.

Although Christians attempt to lead perfect lives like Jesus, judging others would go against this, and also make them hypocrites.
John 8:7 Jesus says, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” In that story no one could throw a stone at her, this is still true today. Jesus is the only one who can judge because he is perfect. Any Christians who judge those around them become hypocrites, as they are not, ‘without sin.’
Therefore, Christians should become friends with anyone they wish, as they cannot condemn others. This freeness that Christian’s possess in making friends also allows them to shine Gods light onto others. By trying their best to portray God, the love and acceptance they gain by, ‘working with him under his authority, ’ will shine onto the lives of those that encounter them.
The love, acceptance and acknowledgement that they have sinned, allow them to remain friends with Non-Christians. Whilst also shining Gods light onto their lives and planting a seed in the lives that encounters them. “No seed returns void.’ So shining the light on those they encounter is...

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