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Christina Rossetti grew up in London, England with her three siblings. She grew up with a religious family who influenced her writing dramatically. Growing up, Christina was exposed to her parents’ opinions and the wealthy lifestyle. She didn’t know much about other people and their beliefs. When she began to fall in love, her beliefs stood in the way of following her heart. Christina based her love life around her family’s religious beliefs and she was not able to express her feelings to those whom she loved. Christina Rossetti expressed feelings in her poems about the absence of love throughout her life.
Rossetti was born in London, England. She was accompanied by her mother and father and three siblings. When she was young, her father got deathly ill with cancer and could not work. Rossetti and her mother opened up their own school in order to help support the family once her father became ill. When Christina was growing up, she was never exposed to the poor lifestyle and she was mostly exposed to the richer side of living. When she was a small child, Christina never had good health. She was always getting sick and was never fully healthy. Since Rossetti was influenced greatly by her family’s decisions, her poetry was also influenced by them. Because Christina’s family was so religious, her poems reflected her father’s beliefs. “For Rossetti, the imagination is subject to the will and wisdom of God.” (Glenn Page: 65). Mr. Rossetti was so fond of God that Christina followed in her father’s footsteps and loved God with all her heart. The Rossetti family was very religious, her father and mother enforced all of her religious beliefs. When Rossetti began writing, she started writing religious poetry. Rossetti’s religious beliefs influenced her in many different ways. They influenced her poetry, her lifestyle and her love life. She fell in love twice in her lifetime. Rossetti was first engaged to an artist, James Collinson, and she broke off the engagement because he decided to become Roman Catholic. “She partially preserves Romantic readings of James by alluding to, and taking issue with, Keats theory of the Imagination: What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be the truth.”(Glenn Page: 64). Later on in her life, Christina fell in love with a man named Charles Cayley. Christina and Charles fell madly in love with each other and they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. She soon found out that Cayley had a different religion than Rossetti and she rejected him. Even though she couldn’t marry Cayley because of his religion, she stayed close friends with him. She still loved Cayley a great deal even though she couldn’t be with him. Rossetti’s brother, William, said that they continued to stay close friends with one another. Rossetti still couldn’t find the love of her life but her poetry continued to be very successful. “She felt that the claims of love were not for her, that her way of life was unsuited to it and that she much go...

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