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Since I was a child I have always been very excited and waiting patiently for Christmas to arrive because I always thought on Christmas as an occasion when the family gets together. And this past year (2009) was not different from the others; I was very excited waiting for Christmas. Especially, because I was going to spend this holiday in Mexico with my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins, but all that emotion did not take me to a Christmas full of joy as the past years. Christmas was very important to me because it was Camila’s (my daughter) first time in Mexico, but after this holiday, the way I appreciated and treated my family changed. After Christmas 2009, I learned to value my mom and dad; I also learned to understand how important my brothers and sisters are in my life. In fact, something else that did not help my Christmas to get better was that it was very difficult and sad to feel my Papamin’s (my grandpa) absence. However, it is sad to think that I had to be without my family to learn what they are worth, and how important they are in my life.
Christmas 2009 was a holiday that taught me so many things. The first and which I consider the most important lesson is that after that holiday I started to appreciate and treat my family different. Every day I treat my family and those who I loved as if it is the last day I am going to spend with them. The reason I have to treat them that way is that I went to Mexico thinking that I was going to spend time with my whole family and spend Christmas with all of them having a great time, but unfortunately it did not happened. And this is how my Christmas vacation started. My mom and two of my brothers came back to Colorado five days before Christmas; it made me feel so depressed because letting them go was like saying bye to a piece of something that gives me happiness in an important day as Christmas.
When I saw my brothers and mom boarding the plane, it felt to me as if a piece of my heart was leaving with them, in the same plane. However, in the midst of this feeling, there was also some comprehension because I knew that there was no other option to prevent this separation. I saw the three of them...

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