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Christmas Special: Levi X Reader Essay

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“Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.” You’re putting up Christmas decorations with Hanji in preparations for tonight's Christmas ball. “Don we…”
“Cadet _____, will you please stop that singing of yours. It really annoys me.” Levi sent you his infamous glare while putting down a box of decorations.
You exchange glances with Hanji and both of you sings at the top of your lungs. “Don we now our gay apparel. Fa la la, la la la, la la la. Troll the ancient Yule tide carol, Fa la la la la, la la la la.”
Levi’s eyes twitched and he heaved a deep sigh. “I don’t even know why I bother.”
“Oh come on, Levi! It’s Christmas. Replace that frown with a smile.” Hanji pokes his cheeks with her fingers, grinning.
Levi’s face darkens making Hanji take a step back and hides behind you, making you her human shield.
“Do that again and I’ll send you to the North Pole, although I doubt Santa will enjoys your company.”
You being… well… you don’t really care if Levi is mad or not, so you take a Christmas hat and stuff it on his head. Hanji struggling to not laugh at the sight and you just beamed in satisfaction.
“There! Now, can you feel the Christmas spirits inside you?”
Levi just looked at you as if you’ve lost your mind. “No.”
With that he turned and walks away, the bell at the end of the hat he’s wearing let out a series of jingling sounds as he walks. He let out a frustrated growl and snatches the hat from his head, gripping it tightly in his hand and stomps away furiously.
He doesn’t seem like his usual calm and collected-self, his reactions make you wonder. You blink rapidly, pointing at the corporal’s retreating figure and asked Hanji. “Does Levi hate Christmas?”
Hanji just shrugged. “But, it’s fun to irritate him during this time of year.” Her eyes glint in mischief.
You let out a weak smile and proceeds with the decorations. Random thoughts race in your mind.
The corporal doesn’t really hate Christmas right? Nobody hates Christmas…right? You shook your head, trying to get those thoughts out of your brain. In the end, you came to a conclusion and you decided to make this the best Christmas for Levi.
You slam open the door to the girls’ dorm and the sight makes your jaw dropped. Mikasa is in the state of being half-naked and is currently surrounded by Christa, Ymir and Sasha; cosmetics and gown in hand. Annie on the other hand was watching the whole scene in amusement.
They froze in place as you entered the room. Mikasa looks into your eyes pleading for your help; you glance at the others and you can see the message portray in their eyes: If you help her, you’ll face certain consequences. A shiver ran down your spine and you gave Mikasa an apologetic smile as you make your way towards the closet.
Mikasa struggles to break free but to no avail, what makes her mad is that Annie is enjoying her sufferings. Mikasa eventually gives up and just let the three of them...

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