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Personal Writing Christmas 2007A fresh blanket of snow covered the streets hiding their dull colours. The sun was peaking over the snow covered rooftops shining on the hundreds of shop windows, in which many stand full of gifts and toys ready to bought buy eager shoppers for the festive day.People had appeared from the tall handsome houses which leaned inwards casting a dark shadow on the shoppers below. Children pressed their faces against the glass windows and men with their top hats could not help but to give a glance at the marvellous display in which they walked between, carts went up and down on the cobble in which they rode delivering good to the local shops. Every door had a wreath and every shelf had a candle. The street was alive.Slowly the sun gave way to the stars and soon one by one the lights came on lighting the streets and in heart of the town the soft, gentle echo of carol singer carried by the wind though every street and alley. In the windows families were together, talking and laughing, Children helping there parents with the decorations for the freshly cut Christmas tree. The air was crisp and the church was glowing with a warm welcome waiting on the eve of the festive day….Years have passed on the small town, and it shows on the once handsome house now black with the soot of the factory a much worn down setting now. What little snow that fell was turned up with dirt and plastered to the roads and pavements in a dense, grey slush like a polluted river. In the shops windows, no “marvellous displays” here just numbers posted on the windows, now Christmas feels all about the numbers.On the street people were wrapped up well and walking extremely fast for early morning. There faces pale and passive, no greeting here. Christmas had suddenly become puzzled and misunderstood.Novelty items on the shelves and advent calendars on the walls, not only pictures now but children receive a small chocolate, a trick of million dollar company...

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