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Christopher Columbus, A Critical Character In The Discovery Of New Lands

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He was a significant character in the further development of discovery. He had many important discoveries that changed the way we view the world today. Christopher Columbus was a critical character in the discovery of new lands in his time. Columbus’ accidental discovery of the Americas was a very meaningful event in history. Columbus’ many voyages had a lasting impact on the world, inspired many others, and marked the outset of centuries of overseas conquest and colonization.
Christopher Columbus’ early life was very interesting and involved a good education and an introduction into exploration. Christopher Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa, Italy in about 1451, though “the exact ...view middle of the document...

Columbus thought that Hispaniola was probably Japan. This voyage was one of the most important voyages of that time era.
Columbus’ last voyage was rough and had little importance. Columbus' set out for his last voyage on May 9, 1502; He arrived in Hispaniola in June. “Once there, he was forbidden from entering the colony so he continued to explore further” (Briney, Amanda). On July 4, he set sail again and found Central America. In January 1503, he reached Panama and found small amounts of gold but was then kicked out of Panama by its residents. After many different problems and a whole year of waiting on Jamaica after his ships had issues, Columbus set sail for Spain on November 7, 1504. When he arrived there, he settled with his son in Seville. Columbus’ last voyage still had some meaning to it even though it had smaller success than his previous voyages.
Columbus’ voyages positively affected the world in so many different ways. Christopher was firm and steadfast. His search for a westward route to Asia unintentionally changed Europeans' views of the world. It also led to the establishment of contact between Europe and the Americas. As a result of Columbus' many voyages, many exchanges took place between the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Columbus’ explorations ended centuries of collective blindness about what lay on either side of the Atlantic Ocean and “marked the beginning of centuries of trans-Atlantic conquest and colonization” ( Columbus, though he was not the first explorer to discover the Americas, was still one of the greatest explorers ever because of the many different ways his voyages have affected the world.
Columbus’ remains have a high value to them because...

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