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Christopher Columbus Daniel J.Boorstin, who has served as director of the Library of Congress, director of the National museum of American History, and senior historian of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Howard Zinn is currently an associate professor in the Department of Government at Boston University. Base on the background of both of these writers it is clear on how they feel about a very important piece of history. Although they both write about Christopher Columbus's "discovery" of America, their perspectives are very different on Columbus's motivation and interests, and their analysis of the effects on Indians are a lot different too. In Boorstin's essay "A History of Man's Search to Know his World and Himself", he described Columbus was a great adventurer, a kind of entrepreneurial visionary who took a huge risk on a big idea, placed his faith in the latest navigational technology, and also a man who was fearless in his quest to discover the new world of the wonderful things that it had to offer. This is made clear when boorstin states " With so little experience of the interior and such ambiguous clues to the Oriental character of the country, Columbus remained undaunted in his faith. His report revealed no doubt that he had reached 'the Indies.'"(Boorstin 2) Truly, Columbus was on a mission of exploration and novation. As Columbus sailed through all those unknown sea, he came across things that he had never seen before, things which gave him a sense of euphoria, "For he mainly enjoyed the sights and sounds and curiosities which he could witness from the coast." (Boorstin 1). So Boorstin reveal that those sense of bewilderment played an important role in Columbus's motivation of doing all the sailing.But when Howard Zinn writes about Columbus in his " Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress," a different point of view of Columbus emerged before us. According to Zinn, Columbus was a merchant's clerk from the Italian city of Genoa, part-time weaver, and expert sailor. In Zinn's essay, Columbus's true motivation for going out to the sea was not because he loved adventure or exploration, but because he was offered by the Queen to become financially prosperous and increase his status among society. According to Zinn, "In return for bringing back gold and spices, they promised Columbus 10 percent of the profits, governorship over new-found lands, and the fame that would go with a new title: Admiral of the Ocean Sea."(Zinn 3) So Columbus was motivated by those insatiability and greed.On the other hand, Boorstin continue to point out that Columbus was a great leader and that he was very affable to the native people of Indies. By the time Columbus arrived to the new world, he was greeted by the local native who immediately warmed to his presence. He also found out that the native people were ingenious and care free with whatever they had, and Columbus wrote the Queen that "The...

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The Columbus Day, as celebrated by people in the United States annually, is a total joke, as you will consent to after reading the article below.

774 words - 3 pages I was greatly intrigued when Native Americans protested on Columbus Day and did not view it as a cause for celebration. From all my past readings in historical textbooks, Columbus has been described as a lover of the sea, who, as a little boy, dreamed of setting out to explore such broad extent some day. It was said that Columbus waited for six years, until the Spanish Queen Isabella gave him three ships. When the crew grew worried for there was

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1487 words - 6 pages Touted as the founder of America, Christopher Columbus has been heralded in the US and Spain for over five hundred years. As children, we were taught that Columbus was a dreamer. He had far-fetched ideas about the world being round, instead of flat as it was once thought to be. And when someone finally gave him the opportunity to prove his theory, he discovered America and named its inhabitants “Indians”. Just as shocking as finding

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1186 words - 5 pages all Americans to learn more about the Age of Exploration and the enormous transformations it provoked. Christopher Columbus is very influential in our culture. We celebrate him and his accomplishments on Columbus Day. In fact, the United States honors only two men with holidays bearing their names, Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King, Jr. In January we commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., who tried to stop racial prejudice

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1292 words - 5 pages Christopher Columbus is credited as the audacious voyager who challenged modern thinking and found the land now known as the Americas. Columbus not only discovered new lands, but also opened trade with native peoples and brought substantial wealth and glory to the major European powers. In addition his ventures not only enabled the spread of the gospel to pagan peoples, but also set the stage for the emergence of the United States of America

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1940 words - 8 pages have been secured by the mid-nineteenth century, when the sculptor of the Capitol's Columbus Doors, Randolph Rogers, stated, "Perhaps there is but one man [i.e., George Washington] whose name is more intimately connected with the history of this country or who better deserves a lasting monument to his memory than Christopher Columbus." (Quincentenary, 10) Basing his work on the romantic stories of Irving, Rogers portrayed an heroic underdog

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1042 words - 4 pages Christopher Columbus was an Italian sailor and explorer who travelled across the Atlantic Ocean in 1942, in search of a quick route to India Spice trading, which was at the time the largest industry in the world. Columbus made a total of 4 trips between 1492 - 1504 Columbus throughout time has been revered to as a hero, and the reason that many of us are even settled on this land, but there are many dark truths that will be touched upon

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1096 words - 4 pages He discovered the Americas. He started the first colony in the new world. He thought he was in Asia. Who is this brave explorer? Christopher Columbus. Smart and Wise Christopher Columbus was during his voyages. Christopher Columbus’s birth date is unknown but believed to be between August 25 and October 31, 1451 in Genoa, Italy (Columbus, “Early Years of Boyhood” par 1-3). His parents were Domenico Columbo and Susanna Fontanarossa

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618 words - 2 pages In 1492, Christopher Columbus unintentionally discovered America, when he landed in the Caribbean Islands, while looking for a direct sea route to Asia. Despite the fact that Columbus believed he had found a direct sea route to India, he has been called the discoverer of America and hailed as a hero. More recently, however, he has been called a villain, with accusations saying that not only did he not discover America, but also that he was the

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1151 words - 5 pages In the early years of our nation's history, Christopher Columbus was raised to hero status by writers and historians for allegedly founding the Americas. These documents and recollections made a significant impact and Columbus was given a national holiday that has been celebrated annually since 1971. However, Columbus Day is a holiday unrightfully given to a man who is undeserving of this admiration. Christopher Columbus is responsible for

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1010 words - 4 pages To many people today Christopher Columbus is a hero. But fact is that Columbus has a two sided faces the immorality and good. There had been some evidences founded that is against the evil thing that Columbus did in the past. Now day there are more people that believe Columbus is a hero instead of evil. Some of the historian point out some very important thing that Columbus did to support the evil side. I think that later on the number of people

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