Christopher Columbus Details His First Encounters With Native People History Us To 1877 Sec01

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The author of this document is Christopher Columbus, who was born in 1451 in a sea town in Italy and began sealing as a teenager. Christopher worked as a helper at His father was domenico Colombo cheese stand. He became one of the best sailers to every walk the planet. Columbus participated in many trading voyages over in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. His first voyage in the Atlanta Ocean 1476 he was attacked by French privateers off the cost of Portugal. Columbus settled in Lisbon, Portugal and married Felipa Perestrello. In the year 1480 the couple had a son named, Diego. His wife died and Columbus moved back to Spain. In 1488, he had a second son named Fernando by a lady called Beatriz Enrique’s de Ariana. Columbus then participated in serval other expeditions to Africa getting knowledge from the Atlantic currents flowing east and west from Canary Islands. He thought sailing west across the Atlantic would be a faster route to reach the east. Columbus was rejected by the Portuguese king , the Spanish monarchy of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon in 1486 with his plan. Later in august of 1492, Christopher then left Spain in the Santa Maria. 36 days later after the long sailing, Columbus and...

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709 words - 3 pages Sovereigns offeredamnesty to convicts who would sign up for the voyage, but only four men took up theoffer: one who had killed a man in a fight, and three of his friends who then helped himescape from jail. We had enough food, water, and wine, so the 87 crewmen of Nina,Pinta and Santa Maria, with Christopher Columbus in head, sailed from Palos de laFrontera on August 3, 1492, to find a new world.The first two weeks of our trip passed perfectly

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1274 words - 6 pages ignorance of Native American culture. Even though Columbus carried out bad deeds, we should not forget that Columbus was not the only one who killed the indians, it was also his soldiers as they always had the choice to not kill the Indians since they had their free will and came willingly. The times have changed and so has the ideals of the world . In the past not many people knew of the other parts of the world other than the parts that they

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535 words - 3 pages , 1492 Columbus and his crew stumbled across the New World. Christopher Columbus spent most of his life traveling the seas.  In total he went on four different voyages and is credited with discovering the New World. His discoveries lead to Europe’s interest in the New World getting them to send settlers there. If it wasn’t for Christopher Columbus I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it!

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1208 words - 5 pages throughout the two months voyage as the sea seemed borderless, yet Columbus promised a reward of 10,000 maravedis and constantly scanned the horizon for sign of land. As an extremely devout man of strong faith who strived to honor God in all his endeavors, Columbus' faith in midst of adversity was rewarded when Rodrigo de Triana sighted land, currently named San Salvador, on October 12,1492. At first, the Continental Army reeled from one

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