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Christopher Columbus: Hero Or Villain Essay

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“It was a miracle that Columbus found America, but it would have been more the miracle if he had not”, Mark Twain from Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar quoted. Genon born Cristobal da Colon and then later was called Christopher Columbus who ended up in the literatures of times and his own secret signatures but nevertheless his missions were read and uncovered centuries after centuries. Christopher Columbus a hero or a villain? lies a question. A question that very much defines the man he was a man who was ruthless, a person with no soul and no human feeling, a man with only self motives towards his gain or a man with feelings for others, a man who lived on the path of God, a man who valued his virtues of humanity, but often it is the good a man does that is interred with the bones and the evil that lives after as say it for Julius Ceaser so be it for Christopher Columbus a villain and not a hero.
As the new world was emerging into existence there grew a deep need for wealth in the ever growing European powers and they needed work force to support the building of their empire. When Columbus decided to go on his transoceanic voyage his main intention of the voyage was to bring about with a healthy transoceanic slave trade which would indeed help the European motives of expanding their kingdom. On Columbus’s first voyage he set up a base which he called ‘Hispaniola’ which today is the Haiti or also called as the Dominican Republic. In the initial stage of Columbus transoceanic slave trade he captured 10 to 20 Indians, having them shipped back but having only left over with six or seven alive and the rest dead by the time they made it back to the shores of Spain. Being subjected to this kind of slavery no human beings soul would agree to be part of it, the Indian or the Arawak people revolted with great vengeance against Christopher Columbus when he arrived for the second time to Hispaniola with about thousand too thousand five hundred men and sixteen heavily armed and well equipped ships to once again carry out the slave trade that Columbus wanted to establish in order to make it possible to have a larger work force in the European countries and to support Spain.
Having the agenda of putting forward the transoceanic slave trade the greed for wealth and land had added to the list of Columbus. The highly and extremely violent European expansion of the kingdom which was underway for hundreds of years which, was also well aided by the arms race the ultimate goal was to accumulate wealth in form of gold and land for the Europeans. Columbus simple agenda of being a tradesmen and in exploration of spices turned into a well established plan for going through with the capturing and engulfing new land, gold and slaves for the Europeans and Spain hence his second voyage was well equipped with ships and ams to carry out the deed.
Upon stumbling onto the natives, Columbus happened to notice the decoration of gold earrings...

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