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Christopher Columbus Influenced Spain And Europe

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     Genoa, in the 11th century, Genoese and Pisans captured Almadia and Subelia in Africa. In the 15th century, the hundred year war ended from a frightful time from the Europeans. The 15th century was a time of change and Europe and Spain made the effort to move to the American lands. Spain and Europe did not know what to expect when it came to traveling to the new world. Soon came of Chistoforo Columbo or Cristobal Colon, born in 1446. Columbus as he is known after his death in 1506 changed the world for Europe, Spain and the New World.
     In the time of Europe many difficulties came across. The trade to the new word became a trade boom in the 15th century. There was import demand on the companies and the rising export supply became too much for the natives to handle. In the rise of exports the supplies had to be shipped from Asia to the Americans. In the American land, where the majority of Europeans desired to sail to, the new sailors that came were not accepted as Americans, though none were truly considered Americans until later in the time of America. “The sea trade had multiplied by leaps and bounds” (Hale, John R.513). The route of trade was soon taken by Spain and some of the ships were entering to the new world. There was a demand for food in Europe at the time of Columbus and the main sea route for trade was between the North Sea and the Mediterranean. As the trade increased, Europe began to receive products including, pepper, this gave Europe the better of a chance to sail to the new world. The trade in Europe made Europeans richer in the sense of knowledge and began to bring Europeans to a different level of communication with the other lands.
     Europe was never very much aware of their surroundings, they only knew of close lands such as the Mediterranean. Ferdinand and Isabella were not willing to negotiate with Columbus until the fall of Granada. Columbus then had no chance of bringing the people of Europe to the New Land because of lack of money support from Ferdinand and Isabella. In Europe around the time of 1492, the people of Europe were striving to get to a new land where they could live out their religion and live freely. The Mediterranean supplied Europe with a basis of a self contained geographical unit. As the Europeans became more aware of their surroundings, people became more anxious to find the new world that no one knew of. In the year 1492, the people of Europe began to gather together and sail to the new lands, not knowing of where they were headed. The navigation of the Europeans began to increase as Columbus began to change the world for them. Europe’s knowledge improvised to all the others and began to spread dramatically as Europeans fled to the new world.
     Europe’s change in the year 1492 was a change of going from Medieval to modern. Most people in the medieval age of Europe stayed strictly in...

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