Christopher Marlowe. Discusses Christopher Marlowes Life And Death As Well As His Works And How He Helped To Shape Literature.

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Christopher MarloweChristopher Marlowe contributed greatly to English literature. He adapted blank verse tothe stage. His short life was violent and he had a rather violent temperment. However, he wrotesome of the most delicate pieces of literature. His writing expresses the representation of thespirit of the Elizabethan literature in his attitude towards religion and his choice of writing style.(31 Norman).Christopher Marlowe was born on February 6, 1564 to a Canterbury to a shoemaker. Hewas bapitzed at St. George's church on the 26th of February. He was the eldest son of JohnMarlowe of the Shoemaker's Guild and Katherine Arthur, a Dover girl of yeoman stock(Henderson 275). He attended school at King's School in Canterbury and Corpus Christi Collegein Camberidge. His violent nature often got him in trouble with the law. Marlowe's parish wasSt. George and it had about 208 communicants in 1569. This parish was dominated bylandmarks.Christopher Marlowe ranks as one of Canterbury's most distinguished boy at birth, butthere were many others who were to be well known by letters or actions. (21 Henderson).Marlowe was a scholar at King's School. He attended a small school, but the educationhe received was remarkable. It seems he may have attended a private school before he attendedKing's School, but it is not certain. (40 Urry). The reason it is not certain is because the fee toattend a private school would have been too much for the Marlowes to afford. It is likely that acharity or patronage may have paid the fee as it did for many of the Marlowes neighbords. (42Urry). Scholars such as Marlowe were allowed a $4 allowance. By the time others students thanscholars received a payment, Marlowe had already left for Camberidge. (44 Urry). For hisallowance, Marlowe worked a long hard day at school. He started his morning at six o'clock andended thirteen hours later.Marlowe found himself more than once changing from his purple school gown to asurplice so he could go and march with other scholars into the church. Marlowe only knew threeteachers while he was at the school and probably knew a few of the junior masters. (45 Urry).Upon graduating King's School, Canterbury, he received a six-year scholarship to Cambridgeupon the condition that he studies for the church. Later Marlowe was suspected of being involvedin the siege of Roven where troops were sent to contain some Protestants who were causingunrest in spite of the Catholic League. Then, after sharing a room with a fellow writer ThomasKyd, he was accused by Kyd for having heretical papers which "denied the deity of Jesus Christ"(47 Bloom). Finally, a certain Richard Baines accused him of being an atheist.After Camberidge, Marlowe left for London. were he was friends with Thomas Watson.Thomas Watson had been in feuds with a respectalbe William Bradley. On September 18, 1589,Bradley attacked Marlowe most likely because he recognized him as a friend of Watsons.Watson appeared at the scene after hearing shouts...

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