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Christopher Mcandless And His Positive Characteristics

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Would you run off to live in the rigid, dangerous Alaskan wild to get over hardships? Would you survive? A young adult named Christopher McCandless known to many by the name Alex Supertramp abandoned society and traveled through nature in Alaska. He did not survive his trip due to the lack of supplies and resources he had. Despite the fact he was not prepared, he kept a journal recording his day's adventures until the end. After he died, the journal was discovered in an abandoned bus that he dwelled in, and a book was published about his whole journey from start to finish. During his journey he met a lot of people who helped him out, and he formed relationships with them. Many of them admire ...view middle of the document...

As Wayne Westerberg commented, when Alex made up his mind there was no persuading him to change his opinion or decision. He made his own choices without anyone’s input, but did listen to facts. Furthermore, no one supported his decision to travel and live in Alaska with ten pounds of rice and minimal hiking gear, but he went anyways. He wanted to leave society to run away from politics, rules and status. Chris thought that rules are stupid, and people should be able to do what they want to, the way they want to. For example, when Chris took a science class in high school, the teacher wanted the notes to be taken in a specific format to make the grading process easier. Chris though that he should be allowed to write his notes in whatever format he though was easiest to understand, and he failed the class. Additionally, Chris had very negative feelings towards money, while most people covet money. Chris believed that money was corrupt and inherently evil. These feelings are thought to be the direct cause of his parents’ (Walt and Billie) obsession with being rich, and having money of their own. His parents saved enough money to bring the family on trips, buy nice clothing, and live with a good lifestyle. Chris thought that all of those extra things were unnecessary and shameful. Walt and Billie were always gone, making money to provide for their children. They were never around to care for and love them, and the irony was that the parents did not realize that being with their children was the most important thing to do to have maintained a good relationship with them. Another example of Chris’ free spirited personality, was that Chris did not agree with the rankings of social status, and he was not afraid to share his opinions. The fact that there is still racial segregation, and poverty in such a developed country were some issues that bothered Chris throughout high school and college. Chris Mcandless was his own person and he was comfortable showing his true self, along with all of the opinions that came with him.
The last reason Chris was a noble character was because he had an immense amount of perseverance during his journey,...

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