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Christopher Shawn Essay

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I observed an almost three year old, his birthday is February 28, 2011, named Christopher Sean. Sean is his middle name, but his mother and half of his family calls him Sean, while his father and the other half of his family call him Christopher. The Child Find staff determined that they will call him Christopher, as that is what he will be called in school. Christopher has six older siblings, many of them who receive services as well. Many of the staff assessing Christopher had assessed or worked with his older siblings as well. Christopher currently is receiving services for speech and language and occupational therapy, both of which he receives once a week at Children’s Therapy. Christopher sees a birth to three years old teacher two times a month in his home.
Christopher has a speech delay and DiGeorge Syndrome. He wears orthopedics on both of his ankles, and is supposed to be wearing a weighted body suit but was not during the assessment. He has heart problems, had open heart surgery at six months old and will need to have a stint in his heart in a couple of years and a pulmonary valve surgery as an adult. When Christopher was coming off of life support from his surgery, he had one seizure. He had been on seizure medication, but because it has been some time since his last seizure, he is no longer taking it. Christopher also had a short palate, which is some contributor to his speech delay. DiGeorge Syndrome is caused by a defect in chromosome 22, which results in poor development in several body systems. Speech delays, heart defects, and having a short palate are all symptoms of DiGeorge Syndrome. There is no vision or hearing impairments as of date.
His mother, his father, his birth to three teacher, an Occupational Therapist, a Physical Therapist, The Physical Therapist’s intern, a school nurse, and a speech and language therapist were all at his assessment meeting. Christopher is a very shy little boy. And took quite a while to warm up enough to play with any of the toys in the room for him. It took his father going and pulling out all of the trains and sitting with him for him to start playing with the toys. Christopher was taken to different rooms for each of the different assessments.
The concerns are delays in fine motor, gross motor, social, emotional, cognitive, communication, self-help skills, and his current medical problems. His mother said that he will talk some, but he sounds higher pitched and like an eighteen month old is talking, not a three year old. They are weaning him off of signing in hopes to improve his vocabulary. His mother’s main concern is his speech and she is concerned that he does not understand what he hears. She is also concerned about his fine motor skills and his self-help skills.
Christopher’s fine motor was tested using the Peabody Developmental Motor Test. He was asked to put beads on a string, put small beans in a bottle one at a time, copy a straight line, circle, and a cross using a crayon, cut...

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