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Chronic Substance Abuse Disease Essay

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Many people around the world are dealing with chronic substance abuse diseases, and are not getting the proper help to be treated. Most of these abusers spend time on probation or parole and then return to using drugs and participating in crimes when they return to society. The Obama administration is trying their best to provide Americans with the proper treatments and interventions to prevent users from being involved in drug use and crime. One strategy that they are using is called HOPE: Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement.
Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement is a program designed for participants who have had long histories of drug use and involvement with the ...view middle of the document...

Coalition for evidence-based policy performed a trial on the program to look at the effectiveness that it had. A random trial of 493 probationers that were identified as being at high risk of failing probation was selected. Each participant was then randomly assigned to participate in HOPE or a control group that received the usual probation procedures. Usual probation procedures included monthly drug test and appointments with a probation officer.
After one-year studies showed that the HOPE program was a success. HOPE members were 55% less likely to be arrested. Only 48% of the members were sentenced to fewer days of incarceration. Also, HOPE members had a lower rate of failed drug tests. Studies showed that members only failed 13% of their drug tests.
Even though HOPE is an excellent program to increase the success rate for the reduction of drug use, there are other techniques that can be used as well. In my opinion, I feel that most of the drug users start at a young age. Adolescents are...

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