Chronicles Of Tao Book Review

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In reading Chronicles of Tao, this type of spirituality appeals to me in many ways. I have long been fascinated with the Chinese philosophy and practice of Feng Shui, i.e. the flow of "chi" (energy) and balance of yin and yang. I have even arranged my home in a fashion that optimizes this concept and attempts to bring "balance" into my life. Although it is obviously not a complete form of Taoism, I found many similarities and felt very comfortable with the concepts of the Tao. In addition, I have, for a long time, felt that meditation and certain rituals help to bring balance and spirituality to a person's life. This type of spirituality is completely different from the beliefs that I grew up with, but it is difficult to deny that meditation helps to calm the mind and bring some balance to the inner thoughts. Although I could not ever see myself becoming a Taoist, I agree that some of the practices can help a person become more spiritual in whatever beliefs he or she might have. Since I know a few things about Feng Shui, reading Chronicles of Tao was entertaining because Feng Shui seems to have come from the Taoist religion. When the Grand Master was telling Saihung the story of the Two Immortals in chapter fourteen, he tells of how they became immortal. They were two little boys who happened upon a disciple of another immortal named Dong Fengshui, whose name might be coincidental or perhaps related in some way, who offered them a peach that if they ate would make the boys immortal so they ate it. In chapter seventeen, when Saihung is to be left at the cave to "discover his true self," the Grand Master gives Saihung a Bagua mirror, which is another significant thing in the practice of Feng Shui.From the very beginning of Saihung's life at Huashan, there are constant mentions of balance and the need of it to achieve complete spirituality. For instance, after Saihung learned martial arts and began to immensely enjoy fighting, the Grand Master tried to explain to him that he must meditate deeply to develop internally thus leading to being a better and stronger fighter, and in doing so becoming more balanced. Saihung resisted but in the long run discovered that the Grand Master was right. Another occurrence that illustrates balance is where Saihung meets the Yin Yang Immortals who in their complete oppositeness, one dark and one light, balance each other out.One of the chapters I found particularly appealing and somewhat funny is the chapter called Learning from the Natural World (Chapter 8). In this chapter, the acolytes are trying explain to Saihung how Taoists preserve their energy to lead longer and healthier lives. This was particularly interesting to me because I have always noticed how the Chinese tend to look and seem so young even when they are old. According to the acolytes, animals maintain their energy by meditation and closing off all of their "openings" while they sleep. They use the cat as an example of the perfect...

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