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Women have always had an impact on men! Mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, wives, or girlfriends are all part of this group of women, and can change a man in many ways. Similarly in the book, ‘The Chrysalids’ the protagonist David Strorm deals with three important women in his life, that have a huge impact on him. They all influence his character, and some help him through his journey, and some create problems for him. The three women, Aunt Harriet (David’s Aunt), Petra (David’s full sister), and Sophie (David’s childhood friend), have always helped out David, and supported through harsh times, and thus they have affected David in a big way.
Firstly, Aunt Harriet has a big influence on David, because David feels sorrow due to the situation that his aunt is going through. Aunt Harriet is talking to David’s father, "This is the third time. They'll take my baby away again like they took the others. I can't stand that - not again. Henry will turn me out, I think. He'll find another wife, who can give him proper children. There'll be nothing- nothing in the world for me - nothing. I came here hoping against hope for sympathy and help. Emily is the only person who can help me. I - I can see now how foolish I was to hope at all..." (Wyndham 71, 72) David thinks about his mother, and how she reacts to this situation, which had a negative impact on David. Later on David could not stop thinking about Aunt Harriet after the incidence, “For several nights I dreamed of Aunt Harriet lying in the river, still clasping the white bundle to her while the water swirled her hair round her pale face, and her wide-open eyes saw nothing. And I was frightened….. (Wyndham 75) This shows how the incidence of his aunt’s death had affected him in a shocking way, and especially because he is a deviant as well, and is afraid if he will die too.
Secondly, another woman to have a huge impact on David is his telepathic sister Petra. Petra has extremely strong telepathic powers that are indefinable at her age, since she is younger than all the other telepathies but has the most powerful abilities to make shape thoughts. She can even talk to people that live hundreds of miles away, and since she has this ability to communicate with thought shapes at a very young age, she creates conflicts in David and the other telepathies life. After the occurrence of Petra crying for help with her telepathic powers, and David and Rosalind running with pain, David receives another dream, “That night, for the first time for years, I had a once-familiar dream, only this time when the knife gleamed high in my father’s right hand, the deviation that struggled in his left was not a calf, it was not Sophie, either; it was Petra. I woke up sweating with fright.” (Wyndham 85) This is because David is really frightened by the fact that Petra is also telepathic, and now he is scared that his sister might get liquidated by her father if she does not learn to control her powers. David an impact on this...

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