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Chrysler Essay

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   The Chrysler corporation was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925. Chrysler is one of the Big Three American automobile manufactures. The Big Three is when used in relation to the America automotive industry, most generally refers to the three major US automotive companies: General Motors, Chrysler,and Ford. The team are also sometimes used in relation to the Three major automakers of other countries. Chrysler greatly expanded in 1928, when it acquired the Fargo Truck Company and the Dodge Brothers Company and began selling vehicles under those brands: that same year, it also established the Plymouth and Desoto automobile brands.
Chrysler was sold to an American private firm Management and renamed Chrysler, LLC, in 2007. Like the other Big Three
Automobile manufactures, Chrysler was hit hard by the automotive industry crisis of 2008-2010, and along with General Motors, received billions of dollars in loans from the United States government in late 2008 and early 2009 to prevent both companies from shutting down. Chrysler Walter Chrysler production facility produces V-8 engines and finished automobiles.
    Chrysler current production vehicles are the V-6 power 300 and V8 powered 300s. Both production models are available in a variety of regular and limited edition specification. Chrysler is available in a variety of body styles; from a simple canvas topped pick up automobile, twelve seat, fully-trimmed, station wagon.
    Chrysler and out of house contractors have offered conversions and adaptations to the basic vehicle, such as fire engines, excavators, hydraulic platforms, and four wheel drive versions, as well as one of special builds including amphibious Chrysler and vehicles fitted with automobile instead of wheels.
    Chrysler 300s are one of the safest cars on America roads as measured by chance of death in two car injury accidents. The figures, which were based on data collected by police forces following accidents between 2010 and 2012 in America, showed that defensive drivers had a one percent chance of being killed or seriously injured and a thirty percent chance of sustaining any kind of injury. Other four wheel drive vehicles scored equally highly, and collectively these vehicles were much safer for their passengers than those in other classes such as passenger cars. These figures reflect the fact that drivers of large mass vehicles are likely to be safer, often at the expense of other drivers if they collide with smaller cars.
Production of the 300D continued with Walter Chrysler seeking to replace the three-year-old design.Chrysler...

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