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Chrysler Story Of Management Essay

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The four key behaviors of transformational leaders apply to the Chrysler story by showing what the Mercedes-Benz merger and new president Zetsche wished to achieve. He wanted to motivate the company to push themselves harder, the way they do when their back is against the wall; he used his influence of showing up to testing of the newest vehicle to help motivate the team. Zetsche also took into consideration that, Chrysler still wants to happy to be German owner, so he worked his way into the team, giving them input; praising them on things well done while also giving suggestions. With this intellectual stimulation he helped motivate employees and push them to see things in a new light, along with make it their personally responsibility to overcome challenges. With the four key behaviours of transformational leaders Zetsche helped the company produce its newest car, one that was up to Mercedes standards, and help bring up the companies standards as well.
The managerial response to environmental forces is the management's assessments and responses to the environmental, technological, sociocultural, demographic, political, and international forces that affect their business and what can be improved upon. While many auto companies suffered during harsh economic times, Chrysler provided to be able to fair through the tide while under Cerberus a company that had recently acquired it and had began to make changes such as cutting costs by cutting corners. While this tactic did help them reach the financial numbers they were looking for it did not help car. Sociocultural forces did have an influence on Chrysler, when Zetsche became chief of Chrysler he had to approach carefully as to not demand everything be changed to the “german” way so fast, because many in the company were still sore about being bought by the Mercedes-Benz company. Although Zetsche approached this very humbly and thus improved the relationships between the two companies and helped bring other values that affected the company for the better. With rising gas prices and the demand for more fuel efficient cars, Chrysler fell behind because of the demographic forces, but in recent years made a deal with Nissan to trade their Dodge Ram for a Japanese-built subcompact that is fuel efficient. No political or legal forces really affected Chrysler expect for all of the different changes in president, or mergers that it had, where each brought new ideas and aspects to the company. International forces that affected Chrysler was definitely being bought by Mercedes-Benz, this created animosity towards the...

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