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SEMINÁRIO TEOLÓGICO BATISTA GOIANO"STBG"JOEL NEMONA MENDESTRABALHO ACADÊMICO.RESUMO DO TEXTO:O ESPAÇO SAGRADO E A SACRALIZAÇÃO DO MUNDOTrabalho apresentado para a obtenção deNota parcial da disciplina de Igreja e SociedadeDo curso de bacharelado em teologia doSeminário Teológico Batista Goiano.Por exigência do professor: Douglas Oliveira Santos.GOIÂNIA2014Resumo do capítulo II. O espaço sagrado e a sacralização do mundo, por Mircea Eliade. P. 21-57.Neste capitulo o autor abraça continentes explica a experiência humana do sagrado. Os dois estão obviamente relacionados, um se define em relação ao outro, como será mostrado adiante. E mais do que apenas um livro sobre religião ou religiosidade do mundo, ele é uma obra humanista. O estudo da condição humana é o cerne do pensamento de Eliade. Esta não é mais apenas vivendo no mundo em busca do que é necessário para a vida e sobrevivência, é um ser que procura ir além de sua condição natural para alcançar a eternidade. E de acordo com a tese do autor, ultrapassar esta condição é colocar perto do sagrado.O sagrado e o profano são dois termos que devem ser explicadas. De uma maneira fundamental para definir o sagrado deve ser contrastado com o profano. O profano, o mundo natural em que se manifesta algo diferente, o sagrado, o que Mircea Eliade chama hierofanias (manifestações do sagrado). Estas hierofanias revelam o contraste paradoxal entre o sagrado e o profano, e pode-se também dizer, marcam o limite ou a intersecção do sagrado e do profano. O sagrado e o profano são dois modos de ser no mundo, duas situações existenciais assumidas pelo homem ao longo de sua história.Nas sociedades antigas, o homem vivia tanto quanto possível no sagrado ou na privacidade de objetos sagrados. Nas sociedades modernas floresceu o homem não-religioso. Para o homem religioso, o espaço não é homogêneo; há um espaço sagrado e outros espaços não consagrado. A manifestação do sagrado funda ontologicamente o mundo. Qualquer espaço sagrado envolve a hierofania, uma irrupção do sagrado que tem o efeito de destacar um território do meio cósmico envolvente e tornando-se qualitativamente diferente."E vendo o Senhor que se virava para ver, bradou Deus a ele do meio da sarça, e disse: Moisés, Moisés. Respondeu ele: Eis-me aqui. E disse: Não te chegues para cá; tire os sapatos de teus pés; porque o lugar em que tu estás é terra santa. Disse mais: Eu sou o Deus de teu pai, o Deus de Abraão, o Deus de Isaque, e o Deus de...

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1793 words - 7 pages other gods before me (KJV).” The Bible is very clear that there is only one God. However, As stated by Clowney, we must not become exclusive in the church but that we should be available and be prepared to meet the challenges of secularism (16). This does not by any mean state that we should accept and become a religious group who is willing to lay aside our doctrinal and theological principles for the betterment of society. As Clowney stated, we

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2336 words - 9 pages that represent peace, love, and our country, which are all more equal and can be applied to all people and all religions in our society. The next example of religious symbols conflicting with the church versus state dilemma is present in public schools around the United States. Public schools are state property and organized through the government, which means there cannot be any promotion of one single religion in public schools. In Boston’s

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3487 words - 14 pages used on those people who are receptive to the Gospel, rather than wasting resources on people who are unresponsive to the Gospel. The second principle developed was the Receptive People principle. This principle states that different societies ripen at different times. This means that if a society is not accepting of the Gospel now they may be later and that the church planter should move on to another society that is more accepting of the

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887 words - 4 pages St. Anne’s Parish describes “who we are” in Detroit. Many people disagree with this belief because a place of religious worship cannot describe everyone in a city. The argument is reasonable, but St. Anne’s is more than a place of worship. St. Anne’s Catholic Church is a symbol that represents the positive and negative connotations of our city. We as a city seem to forget about our past, even though it continues to linger with us. St. Anne’s is

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1839 words - 7 pages Since the death of Jesus, to the modern era, the Christianity has gone through many changes in doctrine, practices, splits, and beliefs. As the church grew from charismatic communities to a global church organization, certain groups lost power while others gained a comparative advantage. No more has the shift in power affected a group more than the role of women in the church. The role of the woman in Christian Churches transformed from their

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2839 words - 11 pages studied in isolation, simply because it has alwaysrelated to the social, economic and political context of the day. Inhistory then, there is a two way process where the church has aninfluence on the rest of society and of course, society influences thechurch. This is naturally because it is the people from a society whomake up the church....and those same people became the personalitiesthat created these tales of a pilgrimmage to Canterbury.The

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1249 words - 5 pages Galileo Church v. Hero It is a volatile point in history: the intersection of science and religion at the height of the Inquisition; it is a time when the Church reigns and a man, a physicist, must choose life or death, himself or science. Galileo Galilei's legendary dilemma and the circumstances surrounding it are presented in Bertolt Brecht's Galileo from a perspective that is clearly criticizing institutions with such controlóin

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2002 words - 8 pages leadership situation. He has to manage keeping clear of the law and recognition while fulfilling his desire to start a new successful church. Sonny or now The Apostle E. F.'s leadership situation starts out in Bayou Boutte, Louisiana. The Apostle knows he needs to have a companion with connections to be a success in this community. Therefore he meets up with a local, an elder black pastor named C. Charles Blackwell who's health has deterred him

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1013 words - 4 pages On May 8, 1845 in Augusta, Georgia, the Southern Baptist Convention separated from the Triennial Convention. However, this separation involved only the home and foreign mission societies. Many churches in the South continued to buy Sunday school materials from the American Baptist Publication Society in Philadelphia. According to H. Leon McBeth, the suggestion of a Southern Baptist printing program was met with much opposition, especially

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1231 words - 5 pages In a contemporary world, many moral and ethical issues are debated freely within society. One of the most heated of these topical issues is acquired immune deficiency syndrome, commonly known as AIDS. Experts on this topic have predicted that ultimately it could kill more people around the world then World War II, and it must be noted that 40 million people died in World War II, and this war only lasted six years. World Health Organization

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1320 words - 5 pages media” (Rockefeller para 1). In fact, it was stated in the research that more than 7 in 10 Americans (71 percent) are not pressing the panic button about rising diversity in society. We are who we are because of where we come from and not by what religion we are. Santorum’s viewpoints are only for his campaign audience. He feels like he should win them over by disagreeing with a separation of church in state, when instead he is just rephrasing what

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2156 words - 9 pages aboriginal culture and self-esteem. Rather, Marsden proposed that Christian missionaries should live with aboriginal tribes to quell unrest and avoid open conflict with the advancing Europeans. No volunteers were forthcoming. A mission to the aborigines of Wellington Valley in NSW established by the Church Missionary Society in 1832 ended in failure. Later attempts were no more successful. Aborigines were disinclined to accept the religious faith of a