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In this research paper I will write about how I wish to use my degree in Computer Operation Technology within churches to establish computer network systems so that churches can manage their organizations financial and business affairs with productive software. With the knowledge that I obtain through my chosen field, I’ll be helpful to ministers with reaching out to many people with his/her messages through other resourceful media such as podcasting and video streaming. Lastly, to be able to develop a network system that member can use a web based applications to interact and communicate with one another outside the church and build relationships.

Church Network Systems
Apply my degree to administer churches with management software that is designed to help them efficiently manage finances, automate office tasks, enhance communications through the use of multimedia, and build relationships through the many avenues of technology.

Purposes of Building a Networking System

The purposes of integrating a computer net work systems is to maintain a productive workflow with the administration and to connect the members. There are benefits for a network system in a church. It will allow the church administrators work more productively and providing to the congregation information of what they may need. Enable members to stay connected through the use of applications and web based portals to reach this need. My education and involvements will help the church staff run an effective management workflow. As well, connect the congregation together in assorted media formats.

Administration and Database Management
The first area to cover is the software automation and how it is benefiting the staff. They are able to use customized software to handle finance matters. Provide software to use for accounts for payment of staff and enabling staff to track contribution and the no-deductible returns for the church. Another area for greater use is effective databases to track and systematize information of church members with contact information. Further, use of databases is to tack skills, talents, and ministry roles of...

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