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The Notion Of God In Schools

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John Winthrop stated an extremely fierce and vivid quote in A Model of Christian Charity, “If Americans turn away from the Christian God this nation will be punished.” I personally like this quote because my generation and the generations before me grew up saying “I pledge allegiant to the flag of the United States of American, And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Unfortunately, my son and his generation of children will grow up not reciting this before and during school hours due to the words, “under god.”
Growing up as a child can be difficult for most, especially once you hit your young adult ages due to others making opinions or believing in only their beliefs and not taking the time to understand others beliefs. My best friend during these years was a Menssianic Jew and these years were especially hard for her. The best way I can describe a Menssianic Jew in my words is it’s mostly a Christian whom believes in most Jewish Laws or customs. My friend being a Menssianic Jew would have to explain to the faculty and peers on why she would not be able to participate in certain plays, programs and activates during the holiday seasons. Unfortunately, in this small town school some faculty and most all peers looked down on her and treated differently as she didn’t fit in. My friend felt because she was a Menssianic Jew she was being punished at times as some teachers wouldn’t allow her to complete extra activates to subside for not being able to participate in the holiday plays, programs or activites. Some of our peers would also treat her like an outsider or make fun of her for being different. At times she was called cruel names, stared at or laughed about. I remember discussing these problems with my own parents as a young adult and both parents telling me it’s okay to be different and have different beliefs as others as long as they don’t harm you or pressure you to believe something you don’t. Honestly, I wish all parents would raise their children to see good in others and not to judge by religion or beliefs. Today, I still am friends with her and noticed as we got older more people were understanding to her beliefs. For example, I practice Christmas while she participates in Hanukkah and still today she makes gifts for her friends while most of her other friends buy her gifts. All gifts are accepted and appreciated as we gain and understand each other’s beliefs.
Even though I strongly feel the education system should keep God in them, I feel just as strongly that faith groups and institutions should not be allowed to form political parties and they should not attempt to gain political parties and they should not attempt to gain influence in the workings of government for their views and values by entering to realm of political discourse and attempting to elect their own politicians. I feel that majority of the people in this nation would refuse to obey or pray to any...

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