Church Visit: The Community Church At Murphy's Landing

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In my paper I will talk about my visit to The Community Church at Murphy's Landing (CCML). I have chosen this particular Church because it is a family church type and my neighbor goes there and she encouraged me to go with her. I went there with my neighbor on April 6, 2014.This church is an appropriate for this assignment because the people there are welcoming me with an open heart and they are willing to help and provide me with information. When I visit the Church’s site I read these words “We know visiting a new church can be intimidating. But, we want to help you to be as comfortable as possible when and if you join us”. The people gather in the church weekly to glorify God in joyful ...view middle of the document...

Membership at the church is not required to attend their events. Most of the people in that church are related and comes from one big family. There are a few people attend CCML who are not from the same family. Most of the people there seem to be from the upper middle class. It is noticeable from their clothing, automobiles, and general appearance, except for one Mexican who looks extremely poor. The people there are educated and the use academic language. The people who attended CCML are white Americans from different ages from kids, teenagers and adult and the proportion of women to men in attendance was higher.

The material dimension of The Community Church at Murphy's Landing looks very modern from inside and outside. In the entrance of that church from the inside a big round table with some papers and books on it. There are some books and pictures of Jesus hanging in the hall. The sacred space from the Inside of CCML has a big room where members gather to practice rituals. Inside the room many chairs faced a big stage. On that stage there are different types of music Instruments guitar, electric guitar, drums and piano. Behind that stage there is a big cross, and Jesus was not hanging on that cross. Also, there are two big screen in each side of the rooms, it is used to show the lyrics when they sing together. The most holy area in my opinion is a place between the stage and the audience. In the middle of the stage there are a plate with water and a plate of biscuits. Ronnie Reiss is the worship director at Community Church at Murphy’s Landing. Ronnie usually leads the worshiper practices every Sunday. There are about thirty people attending CCML that day. The people stand up and hold hands before they start worshiping. They worship by using music Instruments and singing together. The music is a blend of contemporary and traditional. The sermons are always biblically based and the speakers strive to be practical and relevant.
They start their day of worshiping with a big smile and welcoming together. One hour before the prayer, people gather and start a normal chat about work, school, and business. The worship part was so organized by a help from some of the youths, adults and the pastors. The Senior Pastor Paul Erny and the Worship Director Ronnie Reiss both have the authority in this congregation. Pastor Paul has been serving in ministry for over thirty years. First, as a pastor in the Evangelical Church in Pennsylvania for eight years, then as a missionary for thirteen years, and now as Senior Pastor of Community Church at Murphy's Landing, where he has been since April, 2003. Ronnie Reiss has been serving as Worship Director at Community Church at Murphy’s Landing since the winter of 2003. Pastor Paul and Ronnie Reiss have been chosen based on their experience and years of service. CCML is a small group that made up of four or more people called Life Groups. Group members come together on a regular basis to support one another, grow in...

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